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Losing 95lbs and going strong for others

Hi my name is Karina G Flores, i was born and raised in Odessa Tx, i started on my weight loss journey in 2009 losing 50lbs… then had my baby girl in 2011…gained almost everything back and when on my weight loss journey again started after having 2 years time with my baby girl.

In 2012 i started going to Zumba again and became an Instructor that summer because i loved the format and how it spiritually uplifted me. I starting teaching 2012 and alone in 6 months i had lost about 40lbs a grand all together from point A to B i lost 95lbs before and after my pregnancy.

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I am now teaching at LA Fitness Houston and every single day i see and hear people are losing weight and it gives me that warmth i had always wanted i share my story to motivate others that struggles that i went through with obesity, i was miserable i had a low self esteem, i was bullied at a young age and at the moment i am happy to have gone through the struggles i have in past, they made me the strong person i am today.

I love to hear that others are achieving weight loss goals like i have i know how it feels to be at rock bottom and how hard it is to begin with especially if there is no motivational support. I am happy i have changed so many lives in the past with no doubt about it, others started changing their ways of seeking a healthier lifestyle, spiritually it drives me to pay everything i have achieved forward to others.


I am one happy gal and my AHA moment was the moment that my husband and baby girl where at my side cheering me on and seeing how much influence i am to others with out them i would be nothing in strength.


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