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Weight Loss Success Stories: I Lost 75 Pounds And Kept It Off

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I lost 75 pounds! See my before and after weight loss pictures, and read amazing weight loss success stories from real women and their best weight loss diet plans and programs. Motivation to lose weight with walking and inspiration from before and after weightloss pics and photos.Losing weight is one thing. However losing weight and keeping it off is much more difficult. I have tried a few diets from time to time, spent hours in the gym, only to find myself back at square one when the diet falls to the wayside and the gym shoes collect dust for one reason or another. I struggled like most women after having children. I would initially lose some weight after giving birth, but a year later found myself with more weight on me than when I first became pregnant. After 3 children in a span of 4 years, I found myself at 235 lbs. That was the last number I saw on the scale. I had reasons to believe I topped off around 250 at some point but refused to step on the scale for some time. My average weight in high school, college, and before marriage was 145-150. I am 5’6″. I wore a size 7/9 and felt decent about myself. After meeting my husband I climbed to 160 just before getting pregnant. And 160 is where I ended up 3 years ago and have kept it off since.


The easy answer to being healthy and fit is moderate exercise and eating natural. Sounds simple, right? But it is anything BUT simple. It took me 3 years of researching nutrition to come across what was actually going to work. I tried all organic foods….while this sounds good, it is not all healthy. One can buy organic pasta or milk, but it doesn’t mean it is the best choice. We tried this for approximately 1 year and I lost about 15 lbs during that year. My only form of exercise was walking. Then I stumbled upon the Weston A Price Foundation. This organization promotes healthy eating according to Dr. Price who was a dentist. He promoted foods that were eaten in their intended form. This includes raw milk and dairy made from raw milk, grass fed beef, fish from the sea (not a fish farm), organic fruits and vegetables, and grains soaked in probiotic rich whey or buttermilk. Basically eating the way our ancestors did before refrigeration and supermarkets.

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I started this way of eating 2/24/2010. I literally gave away or threw out the remaining processed foods in the house and started off from scratch. I found a farm that sold raw milk and dairy products, along with fresh meats, chickens, eggs, etc. I shopped at the local grocery store for organic produce, rice, and paper products. I forewarned my husband and children – who were skeptical but willing to give it a try. We did not limit portions. The goal was to eat healthy and allow the body to dictate how much it needed. Up until then I never understood the word satiated. I never knew what that felt like. I knew what eating until you were full felt like – the story of my life. But for the first time ever, I would eat and feel complete. Not full, not stuffed, but a feeling that I had had enough. Within 2 weeks I had dropped 10 lbs. Within 3 months I had dropped approximately 50 lbs and evened out at 160 lbs by July. Again the only exercise I did was daily walks approximately 1-2 miles each day. I bought new clothes and felt amazing – and still do.


Eating all natural foods the way God intended them is the philosophy I follow. Cows were meant to graze on grass. They were not intended to eat grain. Cows that are mass produced and fed grain often become ill, requiring antibiotics and halving a lifespan of 6-7 years. Cows that are let out to pasture and eat fresh grass and hay are truly natural and have lifespans of 12-14 years. Chickens that are free range and eat bugs with only a little grain again are truly natural. Fish caught in the wild are natural and have good color. I often find it amazing going to buy salmon. The wild caught has a richer, darker pink color, whereas the farm raised salmon have food coloring added and they are still pale in comparison. Milk is natural and safe taken right from the cow as long as the cow is properly cleaned beforehand. The butter made from raw milk is full of rich flavor and full of nutrients. Butter is used in large amounts on vegetables and fresh bread. Bread is made from freshly ground wheat that is soaked overnight in buttermilk. The buttermilk helps break down the gluten making the bread easier to digest. The only supplements we took were daily probiotics and cod liver oil.

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With all the extra fat we were eating I was a little skeptical about my cholesterol. It was 240 at my 235 lb weight. I had it checked in 2011 and it was 175. My blood pressure at age 40 is 112/70 on average with no medications.


Is this way of eating easy? Absolutely not. It is very time consuming. We drive an hour one way to the farm one day a week for our meat and dairy. Making bread, yogurt, oatmeal, etc is not hard, just time consuming. I have 2 books that I keep in the kitchen at all times: “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon and “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan Rubin.


This is not the answer for everyone as lifestyles vary so much. It is something that can be attained if started with baby steps. Changing from regular eggs to organic eggs, removing foods with dyes in them, switching from regular chicken to organic chicken, etc can be done slowly. But changing how you view food and what food really is is crucial to becoming healthier.


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