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Losing 3-4 pounds in four weeks doesn’t sound exciting does it?

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Nice ‘n’ easy does the weight loss
By Laurel Blackburn

Losing three to four pounds in four weeks doesn’t sound very exciting does it? It probably doesn’t make you want to leap off the couch and run to the phone with your credit card.

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What is it about spending $19.95 or $29.95 that makes a weight-loss program or exercise gadget work? There must be something to it because Americans are spending an incredible $30 billion a year on weight-loss products. I’m no financial expert, but it seems to me that $30 billion could go a long way in wiping out poverty and disease, or feeding the hungry.

The sad part is that 95 to 98 percent of people who lose weight on these quick weight-loss programs gain it all back within six months to three years. Research also shows that 90 percent of these people gain back more than they lost. The failure of weight-loss programs is so great that a leading researcher has said, “Dieting is the leading cause of obesity in the U.S.”

So, what is my big weight-loss secret?

First of all you must really believe that it is OK and healthy to lose only three to four pounds a month, occasionally a little more or less. You must be satisfied with the fact that the slower the weight loss, the better the chances of the weight being fat loss and not water. More importantly, this way of slow and steady weight loss is conducive to long-term, lifetime success and health. Just say no to quick fixes!

The rest of the secret you have been hearing and reading about for years. It’s called healthy eating and exercise. Make it part of your life. Do it for your health. Don’t make this about getting into a certain size or losing weight for a wedding or reunion. Do it so that you live a healthy, productive life. Do it so that you can play with your kids without passing out on the grass because you can’t keep up. Do it so that you can model healthy behaviors for your children. Do it so that you feel good about yourself. Do it so you don’t die early.

Start your program by picking one or two behaviors a week and start making changes. It could be as simple as eating breakfast and giving up sodas or other sugary drinks. Try eating smaller portion sizes or saving sweets for just one night a week. It might be cutting back on alcohol or taking healthy meals to work or school. You may set aside 15 minutes or more a day to walk or play with your kids.

The point is don’t change everything at once or you’re setting yourself up for failure. Of course if you want to reach your goals more quickly, then do a little bit more. But once again, watch out for the all-or-nothing approach.

Don’t waste any more of your hard-earned money supporting the diet and weight-loss industry. You have everything you need within yourself to lose weight or get in shape. So, stop making excuses, quit looking for that quick fix and get out there and take back control.

If you think my weight-loss secret won’t work because it didn’t cost you $29.95, then feel free to send that money my way. I’ve had my eye on the new Ab-Inator 2000. It promises that I can get six-pack abs in just 2 minutes a day for only $29.95.

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