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Lorretta Weight Loss Story

Lorretta Adams, 42, weighed 178 pounds.


“I had terrible migraines, back pains, trouble sleeping and just didn’t like the way I looked,” says Adams. “I decided several times that I would lose the weight and after 10 years of fad diets and looking in the face of turning 40, the day came and I decided that’s it.”


“I decided to start eating 1,200 calories daily, divided into 6 small meals,” she says. Breakfast is oatmeal followed by a 100-calorie snack and salad or chicken and vegetables for lunch and a light dinner. “It’s not just what you eat it’s how much you eat,” she says. “I ate Lean Cuisines for dinner for two months to get my portion size down.” Adam weighs 128 pounds.



Source: AJC

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