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Lock Laces – the Safe Laces with a Locking Device

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KC_126-Lock-LacesYou are in the middle of a gym class, running the marathon or just training with a strong purpose.

First your shoe laces loosen.

You feel it but you hope they will hold on in there for a little while longer.

Unfortunately they don’t.

They come undone and you are totally defocused.

Next time don’t even start before your shoes have the Lock Laces on!

These durable nylon laces are equipped with a high-tension alloy spring that will never rust.

This device keeps the laces in place, maintaining a constant tension on the foot.

They will never get loose!

Made from multi-banded strands of elastic (the same kind they use for bungee cords), these laces will never rot or break.

Their curved tips allow anyone to lace shoes easily through the shoe eyelets.

The hi-tech lock laces give a tighter fit than the common cotton ones and help you achieve performance.

Expect buckets of envy.

Found On Amazon: LOCK LACES (Elastic Shoelace and Fastening System)

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