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Weight Loss Success Story: I Lost 210 Pounds While Living With Cancer

I’ve lost 210 pounds on an alternative lifestyle.

In 2005, I was a 40-year  old 380 pound woman dealing with a terminal illness, however, through  change and prayer, I have beaten the odds and lived longer than the  doctors ever thought I would. In the process, I’ve lost more than 200  pounds. As of August I have gotten into a size 8!!!

I’m in the best shape of my life and smaller than I was  in high school. This strict regime that I’ve created has dramatically  improved my quality of life, re-energized the immune system and has  given me a renewed spirit with the ability to get on with living.

I’ve  done the research and man in the year 1812 came along and messed up  with manufacturing of canned food and chemicals inside everything these  days… I have MORE energy than all my friends combined and seeing me  drop from 380 to 170 still hasn’t made them see the light, no matter how  much I teach them…

I’d say 99% of my eating regime comes from  “strictly vegan” once or twice a year I may have a piece of salmon, but  that’s it for me.  I’m down to 170 pounds with only 20 – 25 left to lose  so I feel comfortable and the fat is gone…:)

In May of 2008 I was admitted in the hospital and not expected to come out. The cancer spread down my bones into the legs; the pain was unbearable; I could not walk or take care of my daily necessities.

Living with cancer, I must say has been a catch 22 in my life. It forced me to do something about my weight, but in turn debilitated me; the sweat of long hours/hard work in the gym, and tears of joy and pain; have gotten me where I am today..

Recently I was one of the 18 individuals honored at Georgia TOPS State Recognition Day representing the #30 Decatur, Georgia Chapter of T.O.PS., as Division II Winner Second Place.

Upon learning of this humble honor, my worst fears came true when the doctor informed me that there were tumors close to my brain. This accomplishment of losing weight has meant and is important to me now more than ever.

At this time it is my goal to motivate and inspire others to see that cancer isn’t a death sentence anymore and you can still accomplish great things with the right people around.

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