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Lekue Citrus Sprayer – Adds a Healthy Citrusy Mist to Food

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KC_114-LeKue-Citrus-Spray-SetYou have finally given up junk food.
Now you are this cool chick that is addicted to healthy eating and light, delicious meals. Way to go!

And, since you love your Mediterranean diet, I figured you should know about the Citrus Sprayer!

Once you get to use this functional and innovative item you will never want to live (or eat) without it!

Perfect for seasoning salads, fish and seafood, or adding a fresh zing to your cocktails, this Citrus Sprayer set is your must-have kitchen item.

The longer unit is meant for large fruits like grapefruits and oranges, while the shorter one is perfect for smaller fruit like lemon and lime.

Just cut a small piece of peel, screw the Sprayer into the fruit, gently squeeze the fruit to fill the device’s filter and spray away!

Oh, how about spraying some drops on your wrist, as well, for an exotic touch? Just saying…

Found on Amazon: Lekue Citrus Sprayer Set

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