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Learn right here the why & how Maureen decided to go from 220 lbs. to 167 lbs and only 13% body fat.

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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comI was fed up with looking and feeling the way I did. I think the before picture is pretty self explanatory… Learn right here the why & how I decided to go from 220 lbs. to 167 lbs and only 13% body fat. You can do it to! 

Vital Stats

Name: Maureen Jeanson

Email: moe@metrocast.net

Weight Before: 220 lbs

BF Before: 35-40%

Weight After: 167 lbs

Weight After: 13%

Why I Decided To Change My Body

I was fed up with looking and feeling the way I did. I think the before picture is pretty self explanatory as to WHY I decided to change. The catalyst was a coat given to me from my family as a birthday gift and it was too tight to wear… in the biggest size they sold and it was too tight. I had used the excuse of “just had a baby” for far too long and I knew it. I decided even though I had 5 children to tend to I needed to do something to stop this weight gain before it killed me.

I am happily married to my very best friend. We share the job of raising 5 children together. I stay at home to raise our youngest children, but have a natural health care practice on the side.

What I Got Me Started

Dr Phil’s book on weight loss was the stepping stone for me, believe it or not. From there I rediscovered my love for weight lifting and discovered other forms of cardio I could actually LIKE. I got control over my eating, learned to eat more frequently and to watch my food ratios as well as caloric intake.

I followed his program for 12 weeks and was really motivated to take it even further. I bought another book on fitness and diet off the internet and have followed and tweaked that program from there. I am now IN LOVE with diet and fitness and am perusing to help other women and mothers to follow the same steps from fat housewife to fit housewife. Now there is no stopping me, I am on a mission and I intend to TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!

When & How Long It Took Me

How long it took me to reach my first goal? My second goal? I have been doing this for over 18 months now and I am not stopping at any set destination. My before and after pictures are 12 months apart roughly, but I don’t see it as a final stop yet.

Sample Diet

Meal One:

* 4 egg white/one yolk

* ½ cup oatmeal (measured raw)

* Average banana

Meal Two:

* 1.5 cups shredded lettuce

* ½ tomatoes

* ¼ onions

* ½ cup cooked brown rice

* 5 ounces chicken breast shredded

Meal Three:

* 4 ounces chicken breast

* 1 cup greens (salad greens)

* ¼ salsa

* whole wheat wrap

* 1 cup watermelon

Meal Four:

* 4 ounces salmon

* 1 cup broccoli

* ½ cup cooked brown rice

Meal Five:

* Protein powder

* ½ cup low fat cottage cheese

* 1 cup strawberries

* 4 or 5 almonds crushed and sprinkled in

This tally is about 1800 calories this is a basic idea of what I eat. If I am on a fat burning process and I want to lose fast I would cut out more and if I am adding on muscle I add in more.

Sample Workout

I do lots of deadlifts and squats and other functional things with the weights rather than the traditional 4 day splits. Right now I am doing this 2 day split 4x a week.

Day One:

* Bench press on stability ball 5×5

* Bent over Row 5×5

* Push press 5×5

* Dumbbell lat pullovers (on stability ball) 5×5

* Bench press (close grip) 5×5

* Barbell high pull 5×5

Day Two:

* Squats 4×8

* Deadlift offbox4x8

*SplitSquats 4×8

* Step ups 4×8

For cardio I prefer non traditional things like boxing or circuit training. I HATE the treadmill and other mundane methods of sweating. When it comes to increasing the heart rate I like to be creative!!


Stop The Crippling Mind Set:

Stop the crippling mind set of “I just can’t find my mojo” There is nothing to find, I am not sure why you think it was created elsewhere for you to scoop up. You make it, you create the motivation and fortitude.

Stop Setting Vague Goals:

Stop setting vague goals like “I want to lose weight” Well, how much weight? How can you work with a goal like that? Lose 4 pounds on a crash diet, BANG goal achieved. Close your eyes and picture who you want to be. Imagine in great detail the body image you want to have. Is it to wear a size smaller? Lose the fat off your thighs? Perhaps it is to wear a slinky black dress to a party and attract the eyes of every eligible man in the room? How will you get to that goal? How will you BECOME that goal?

Start Planning:

In order to reach this specific goal I need a time frame. I need an approach I can work with and a diet which I can work with. I have mapped all that out in my blog as well.

Check Progress:

Make sure you are charting progress. Sometimes we lose fat but not weight. We exchange fat numbers on the scale for pounds of muscle. We think all that work was for nothing and we lose focus. Take some measurements, squeeze into some smaller pants and keep trying them on – if you apply it all you will see the changes not reflected in the scale.

Get Support:

It is great to be held accountable to others and not just our own thoughts. Join a support forum and post your goals, your desires, your struggles… your triumphs. You can join our growing forum at www.yourfitnessjourney.com. We are all waiting to see you!!!

Again, remember there is no magic that you can’t seem to find. You create the motivation each and every day… begin your journey!!!

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