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Real Weight Loss Success Stories: Michelle Loses 95 Pounds With Weight Watchers

Michelle realized that it was time to do something when her aunt said, ‘When is you baby due?’ She was very unhappy and vowed to change. Learn more about this amazing transformation and how she went on to lose almost 100 lbs! 

Vital Stats

Name: Michelle Carlson

Email: chelnjer@yahoo.com

Age: 40

Weight (before): 230 lbs Size: 22

Weight (after): 135 lbs Size: 4

Wife of aUSNavy Chief

Mother of 4

Grandmother of 2

Why I Got Started

I was unhappy, overweight and unhappy! I was just not myself! Then to top it all off I had my Aunt ask me… “So when is your baby due?” I had to sadly say 12 years ago! That was my lowest point! That is when it hit me I had to do something. Even though I was so successful at maintaining 230-240 lbs for the last 10 years! What an accomplishment!

How I Did It

I looked for a Weight Watchers meeting – I knew my mom had done that before and it worked for her. I couldn’t find one close to me. So I got a copy of their book and slide bar. I told myself this is it I have to lose this weight! So I got my book, went shopping and set my mind to it. I was determined.

It was not easy; so many temptations. It made it difficult to have to prepare two meals at dinner time, one for my family and one for me. But after awhile it just became a habit. A good habit! Luncheons at work were hard, all that good fattening food. I would make a dish to take for everyone to share, then I would pack my salad and take it with me as well.

There are many obstacles out there, that seem to be against you, but each one you hurdle and clear you are that much closer to a new and better you!!! I always reminded myself, if you cheat, I am only cheating ME!!! It won’t hurt anyone else… just ME!!

I did have help: I took Xenadrine.


Xenadrine, then I changed to Hydroxycut.


I think what worked the most was that I watched everything I ate. My normal day of eating was as follows:


o Grapefruit

o Small bowl cereal


o Salad ( lots of fresh vegetables)

o Grilled chicken

o Fat free Italian dressing


o Pretzels

o Celery (celery burns calories)


o Grilled chicken

o Mixture of vegetables


o Hot air popped corn

o Or small (very small) bowl of fat free ice cream

o Or a piece of fruit

o Or some celery or carrots

I cut out all fried foods. I cut way back on my carbs and starchy foods. I also cut back on my red meat and pork. Oh and the junk food had to go! I stopped drinking soda and drank lots and lots of water!!

One thing I did do and I still do now, is allow myself a couple cheat foods you – you have too! My cheat foods were chips and salsa and ice cream. Oh and Margarita’s! Each were in moderation though and only one day a week!!!

I wasn’t doing any exercises at when I was losing my weight except for power walking. Which was a good start since I had never really exercised before!

It was not easy sticking to it at times, but I knew I had to do it; I was so unhappy! So every day I kept a journal of what I was eating and how many points each food counting as. If you are not familiar with Weight Watchers, each food has a point value, and when you get to your maximum number of points you are done eating except for free foods.

9 months later I lost 100 lbs! It was wonderful, except now… I have all this loose skin! YUCK!!! At that time I worked the Navy Flight Students: my joke was to raise my arms and say, “Look I have wings and I have never been through flight training!” I had loose skin and it wasn’t pretty. So that is when I took another big step and went to the gym.

Today’s Meals

Pre workout:

o slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter


o bowl of wheat bran

AM snack:

o protein shake


o fresh salad with mixed greens, lots of vegetables and grilled chicken

o fat free Italian dressing

PM snack:

o bagel with almond butter


o grilled chicken

o steamed vegetables

o white rice or wheat pasta

Evening snack:

o yogurt or hot air popped popcorn


I still take Hydroxycut Hardcore.

So now it has been 7 years since I lost 100 lbs and have successfully kept it off! I traded in the couch for dumbbells and barbells. I feel fantastic; better than I ever have in my life! I am in better shape at age 40 than I was in high school!!


I had never, in my entire life, ever been in a gym before. It was very intimidating to take that first step into the gym. Even though I was scared and nervous, I did it. I got help from one of the girls on the staff to get me started. She took me through and helped me write a 5 day week workout routine.


o Cardio (30 minutes)

o Legs


o Cardio (30 minutes)

o Back & Bi’s


o Cardio (30 minutes)

o Chest & Tri’s


o Cardio (30 minutes)

o Shoulders


o Cardio (30 minutes)

o Legs

Then on the weekends I would usually do my power walking – It was working. I was starting to tighten up, but not as quickly as I would have liked. I was scared to build muscle. I didn’t want to look bulky! But that soon went away, once I started to see some definition. I got hooked! I liked it and wanted more muscle! I did the Nautilus machines for about 6 months.

Then one day I met Jerry, whom is now my husband, and he was a gym junky too! So I asked him for help and he took me into the big free weights room and introduced me to a whole new world of workouts!! WOW!! I loved it and was hooked!!!

He wrote me a new routine and we would workout together and still do daily! He kept my routine on about the same 5 day schedule. However we took it to the next level. I increased my weights and how much I was doing for each muscle group! So to him I am so Thankful for showing me the BIG Weight room!!!!

Today’s Workout Routine

Monday – Chest/ Tri’s:

* Incline barbell press X 4

* Incline dumbbell press X 3

* Hammer Curl X 3

* Peck deck X 3

* Cable press down X 3

* One arm cable down X 3

* 20 Minutes Cardio

Tuesday – Legs (Quads):

* Leg press X 4

* Hack squats X 3

* Leg extensions X 3

* Sumo squats X 3

* Calves X 6

* Abs

Wednesday – Back/Bi’s:

* Lat Pull Down (wide) X 4

* Dumbbell rows X 3

* Seated Cable Rows X 3

* Hyper extensions X 3

* Seated dumbbell curls X 3

* Standing cable curls X 3

* 20 Minutes Cardio

Thursday – Legs (hamstrings):

* Hack squats X 4

* Lunges X 3

* Leg curls X 3

* Reverse Leg raises X 3

* Calves X 6

* Abs

Friday – Shoulders:

* Seated dumbbell press X 4

* Upright Cable row X 3

* Dumbbell front raises X 3

* Reverse peck deck X 3

* Shrugs X 3

* 20 Minutes Cardio


The one thing you have to always remember is you are doing it for you!! On those days that you really don’t feel like it, do it any ways… those tend to be the best workouts! You would be amazed at what YOU can do!!

If you can get a workout partner that really helps as well, that way you can help keep each other. You can give each other that little extra push that you wouldn’t normally give yourself!! Someone to kick you in the butt on those days you just want to give up!!

Always allow yourself a cheat day! That ONE day a week that you can have that slice of pizza or ice cream! It is important! You can’t deprive yourself!!

You can’t go into it as a diet… It is a LIFESTYLE change! It is not a temporary change it is something you are going to have to do for the rest of your life! You have to set your mind that you are going to change your life for the better!!!!

Just stay focused and set your mind that you can and will do it, then you will succeed!!!! Always think positive!!!

Good LUCK!! Just don’t give up when you don’t see progress as quick as you would like, just don’t give up! It will happen as long as you stay focused and motivated!

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