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Learn how Christina Franzen dropped 52 lbs and began competing right here….

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Christina started weight training in high school, but she never got serious until she had to go clothes shopping at a plus size store. Learn how she dropped 52 lbs and began competing right here….

Vital Stats

Name: Christina Franzen

Email: CFranzen1@gmail.com

Height: 6’0″

BodySpace: CFranzen1


Weight: 227 lbs

Chest: 40.5 in.

Waist: 38.5 in.

Hips: 46.5 in.

Body Fat: 39%

Dress Size: 18


Weight: 175 lbs

Chest: 36 in.

Waist: 30.5 in.

Hips: 39.5 in.

Body Fat: 19%

Dress Size: 8/10

Why I Got Started

My first introduction in weight training was in high school around 1996 as a sophomore. I didn’t really want to take the class but it was the only thing left to take. A decision that would change my outlook forever. The coach that was teaching the class never let me fail or even wanted to hear an excuse on why I couldn’t do it.

He treated me just like everyone else with the same respect and expectations as the rest. I loved working out even began looking into competitions. All I wanted at the time was to compete in some form of bodybuilding.

After high school, life took its toll on me for about 9 years trying to find out what I wanted to do as far as my college education, getting married, not sure what my career was going to be and I began to yo-yo diet, losing weight then gaining it back.

It seemed as though I would do well for awhile and something would happened and I would just stop. I knew I wanted change, but I wasn’t mentally ready for it. But then that moment hits….you know, the one that kinda kicks you in the butt.

It was December of 2005, when my husband and I went shopping to find jeans for myself and other clothes that would fit. I ended up going to a plus-size store trying on jeans and there I was staring at myself in the mirror. At that moment, I took a long, hard look and thought this couldn’t go on any longer.

I hated what I looked like, the “muffin” look, sagging shoulder, arched back there in plain view. As I stared at myself in the mirror, I simply said, “ENOUGH”. At that moment, my life was going to change. About two weeks later I signed up for a gym and begin my journey.

I took pictures to see where I was starting from, but wasn’t expecting the emotional response I would have looking at them. I knew that taking those pictures was going to help me stay on track.

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I hired a personal trainer to guide me through my workouts, make sure I had proper form and gave me tons of education about fitness. I began to embrace it and took the time my body needed to make the changes I wanted. It took discipline and support from my husband to make this lifestyle change and after while, I learned to manage planning part of my day to exercise.

I loved fitness/health so much that I changed my major in college to Kinesiology, Exercise and Wellness (Study of Human Movement) and will be graduating in May 2008. Then I took the next step and got serious about a dream that I have had for many years, I wanted to compete in bodybuilding and found that I loved the look that many figure competitors have and decided that was what I wanted to be.

How I Did It

I needed to commit myself to my dream and make it real. No more wishing upon it, it was time to act. I decided in March of 2007 that I was going to compete, found a local competition and registered myself in it. No turning back!

That’s when I hired personal trainer/nutritionist, Kim Oddo (www.bodybyo.com), to help complete my transformation. With combining training, cardio, and nutrition the weight seemed to melt off my body. Kim Oddo knew exactly what to do and helped me all the way to the end, which I am forever grateful.


* Multivitamin – MRM Beyond Basics

* Thermogenic – Lipo6

* Fish oil blend – MRM Smart Blend

* Digestive enzyme

* Protein powder


At first the diet seemed odd to me, I usually didn’t eat 5-6 times a day, and thinking how could I lose weight eating that many times. Well, now I know! I have small portions and I never go hungry. My body is fueled and ready to go.


o Oatmeal

o Sliced bananas

o 3 egg whites

o Cup of black coffee

AM Snack:

o Apple (sometimes another type of fruit)


o Grilled chicken

o Salad

o Fat-Free Kraft Italian dressing

(I use a garden salad mix and grill my own chicken at home)

PM Snack:

o Sliced Cucumbers

o Carrots


o Grilled chicken

o Garden salad

o Broccoli

o One cup of brown rice

If I workout late, which was the majority of the time, I also add in a protein shake after my workout and go to bed shortly after.

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I trained consistently 7 days a week with cardio most days and resistance training 4 days a week.

Leg Press: 4 x 15 (Different stance positions for inner thigh/outer thigh)

Leg Extension: 3 x 15 (Take my time on this machine to really feel the burn)

Leg Curl: 3 x 15

Lat Pulldown: 3 x 15

Bent Over Barbell Rows: 3 x 15

Chest Press: 3 x 15

Shoulder Press: 3 x 15

Bench Dips: 3 x 15

Bicep Curl: 3 x 15

It’s not very complicated, I use a slow speed or tempo when I am working out. I also do a lot of yoga to build flexibility and strength. I love power yoga, it focuses on using your own body weight as resistance and challenges your mind.

Typically, I like do cardio for about 45 minutes, however I love to do more interval training. For instance, I love to do hill interval training on the treadmill. It keeps the workout interesting and definitely gets you a great workout. Sometimes I bounce between cardio machine to another using high intensities. Like going from the elliptical to the bike. Just mix it up and it never stays dull.

Suggestions To Others

Finally having the courage to be on stage was the best experience so far in my life. I set my mind and committed to something that was just thoughts and dreams in my head. The road had many ups and downs but the rewards were amazing! I found out more about myself and what I am capable of then what any person could have ever taught me.

My advice to others is to be patient. There are many short-cuts to life but your health is NOT one of them. It takes time for you body to make the changes, so embrace it! Also, you have a right to reclaim what is God-given to you. You do have a say what goes in your body and how you treat your body. Take care of it, it’s the only one you have.

Lastly, don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do it! It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are starting from, it’s all about progression. Some friends or family members may not fully understand this lifestyle or change, but know your goals, reach them and embrace them. It’s yours for the taking, so take it.

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