How I Lost Weight: Kendra’s Journey To Lose Weight And Get Fit

Name: Kendra

Goal: Firm my butt

Age: 34

Height: 5’4 1/2″

Kendra Told Us: “My thighs and butt are too big, and I just don’t have time to exercise!”


Weight: 140 lb.

Body Fat: 27.5%

Thighs: 21″

Hips: 40″


Weight: 140 lb.

Body Fat: 27%

Thighs: 19.5″

Hips: 38.5″

The Plan

“Kendra needs to do a combination of cardio and strength to shape her lower body and reduce excess fat,” says Mike Jones, a trainer formerly with the World Changers Body Sculpting Center in College Park, Georgia. He prescribed a strength workout once or twice a week, plus two days of cardio for 30 to 40 minutes. However, “because of her tough travel schedule, there were often days when she just didn’t have that much time, so we packed both cardio and strength into one circuit workout,” says Jones.

After talking to Young, Kendra also realized that she was eating too many starchy foods like rice and pasta and not enough protein like tofu, fish, and nuts.

The Transformation

Week one: When I work out on my own, I take breaks between each exercise. Now Mike and I go so fast, I hardly have a second between moves! Getting to the gym can be a problem because of my busy schedule, so I’ve been getting up early to be there by 7 a.m. (ugh).

Week five: My butt is firmer, and my legs are taking shape. My clothes just fit differently. Mike told me he’s noticed a difference in my outlook: I’m more positive. He’s right. Exercise seems less like a chore.

Week seven: I’ve gotten some unsolicited compliments that were motivating. A friend said I looked smaller, a coworker told me I looked more toned, and my boyfriend said my bottom half looks leaner!

Week twelve: I haven’t really lost any weight, but my waist is smaller, my butt is tighter, and my inner thighs have appeared to stop jiggling. I actually look forward to working out — something I couldn’t imagine before!


Source: Fitnessmagazine