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Weight Loss Success Story: Joy Lost 35 Pounds And Began Competing

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I lost over 35 pounds! Read my weight loss success story at the inspiration weightloss website The Weigh We Were.  Beautiful black women losing weight with clean eating habits, lifestyle changes, meal plans and diet programs. Before and after African American pictures, motivation, fitspo and workout gym tips. Joy was tired of watching her weight go up and down through the years. So in the beginning of 2008, she wrote down her goals and dedicated herself to doing everything she could to achieve them. Now she’s lost 35 lbs and began competing. Learn more here! 

Vital Stats

Name: Joy Randolph


Height: 5’8″

Age: 27


Weight: 175 lbs

Body Fat: 31%


Weight: 140 lbs

Body Fat: 10%

Why I Got Started

I was sick and tired of my weight going up and down over the years. I’d been active for the majority of my youth but my eating habits were always out of whack. I knew that the only way I could maintain a healthy weight would be to incorporate healthy eating into my everyday lifestyle.

At the beginning of 2008, I sat down and wrote down what my fitness goals were. I had always wanted to compete and knew that I was going to have to be hardcore with the dieting/training. I gradually phased into the competition diet. Before I got with my nutritionist, I began keeping a food log, which really helped me be accountable to myself.

I cleaned up my diet as best as I could – increased my water intake to 1 gallon and limited fried foods and sweets. I was determined that from this year on out, that Joy was going to be in the best shape ever…and I was willing to wait for the results.

How I Did It

One of the trainers at the gym, Chris Clinkscale, gave me a strength training plan to work with and I went from there. He recommended that I consult with Rodney Crenshaw on nutrition, which I did. Rodney was able to see what I had been eating and tweaked my plan from there.

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He increased my protein and put me on a carb cycle diet. Every three days would be my carb-load day. On the other days, my carbs would come from vegetables and fruits. A big part of my success, I think, stems from me actually taking the time to write down my goals and what I was eating. There were times when I wanted to cheat, but because I knew I would have to write it down, I didn’t.


* Whey Protein Powder

* Multivitamin

* Lipo 6 Fat Burner

* L-Glutamine

* Flax Oil

* Vitamin B


Meal 1:

o 1 c scrambled egg whites

o 1/3 c oatmeal

Meal 2:

o Protein shake

Meal 3:

o 5-6 oz chicken breast

o 1 c broccoli

Meal 4:

o Protein shake

Meal 5:

o 5-6 oz chicken breast

o 1 c broccoli

Meal 6:

o Protein shake

Every third day when I carbed up, I added 1 medium sized sweet potato to Meals 3 and 5. Also, I added 1.5 tsp of peanut butter to Meals 2 and 4.


Day 1

o Leg Extensions – 3×15

o Leg Curls (Seated) – 3×15

o Leg Curls (Standing) – 3×15

o Walking DB Lunges – 2×25

o Barbell Squats – 2×25

o Seated Calf Raises – 3×30

o Glute Press – 3×12

Day 2

o Front Lateral Raises – 3×12

o Side Lateral Raises – 3×12

o Upright Rows (Cables) – 3×15

o Rear Delt Raise – 3×12

Day 3

o Bench Press – 3×12

o Incline Chest Press – 3×12

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o Push-ups – 3×10

o Tricep Kickbacks – 3×15

o Rope Pull-downs – 3×12

o Seated Dips – 3×15

Day 4

o Leg Extensions – 3×15

o Leg Curls (Seated) – 3×15

o Leg Curls (Standing) – 3×15

o Walking DB Lunges – 2×25

o Barbell Squats – 2×25

o Seated Calf Raises – 3×30

o Glute Press – 3×12

Day 5

o DB Curls – 3×15

o Preacher Curls – 3×12

o Lat Pulldowns – 3×12

o Upright Rows – 3×12

o Seated Cable Row – 3×12

Day 6

o Dumbbell Lunges – 2×25

o Back Lunges – 2×25

o Adductor – 3×20

o Abductor – 3×20


2x’s a day, 5 days a week 1 hour on recumbent bike before work 30 min. after work (bike or elliptical machine)


I worked my abs every other day for at least 10 minutes. Most of the time, I went to the abs classes at the gym.

Suggestions For Others

Take one day at a time. Consistency is the most important factor to succeeding in any area, including fitness. It takes both healthy eating and exercise – there are no shortcuts. There were times when I didn’t feel like I was improving at all and even times when I felt like I was going backward, but I didn’t quit.

Write down what you want, visualize yourself in that position and do whatever you have to to stay motivated. Read books, buy DVD’s, hang pictures up – whatever it takes. Avoid negativity and stay focused and you will be successful. It’s worth it in the end.

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