100 Pounds Lost

Joshua Coffield, 34, of Buford, loses 113 pounds in about a year

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Former weight: 310 pounds

• Current weight: 197 pounds

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Pounds lost: 113

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• Height: 5 feet 11 inches

• How long he’s kept it off: “I’ve been on my weight-loss challenge since Jan. 1, 2008,” Coffield said. “Along the way, I’ve had several goals that I have achieved. Currently, I’m not trying to necessarily lose any more weight, just continue to be healthy and active.”

• Personal life: Coffield is a Web developer. “My wife and I have been married for 12 years and have two kids, Jackson, 8, and Emily, 6, and a golden retriever namedGriffin,” he said. He and his family live in Buford.

• Turning point: “I went to the doctor for high blood pressure and realized that I was at my highest weight,” he said. “I was putting myself at greater risk for additional medical problems. I just decided enough was enough and I was going to prove that I could control this problem on my own.”

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• Diet plan: “I was addicted to Pepsi and would drink five to six a day,” he said. “I slowly cut down on my Pepsi habit until I eventually gave them up. As for food, the plan that has worked for me is to eat anything I want but eat smarter. It was hard at first because my body was used to eating more food than it needed and my stomach would growl. I just kept telling myself that nobody ever said losing weight was easy and took the hunger pains to mean I was doing the right thing.”

• Exercise routine: “This has been the biggest change in my life,” he said. “When I started [biking], I couldn’t ride more than three minutes at one time without my knees aching and sweating profusely, but I kept at it,” he said. He lost 40 pounds and when his weight loss stalled, he joined a gym. “I currently play tennis two to three times a week and mix in the gym another two times a week.”

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• Biggest challenge: “I always have said that there just wasn’t enough time to exercise. It was always my built-in excuse.”

• How life has changed: “In every way,” he said. “I can play with my kids without getting out of breath. I’m not hot constantly because I’m not carrying an extra hundred pounds. I have more clothing choices as I can buy clothes at regular department stores. In general, I just feel healthier than I have since high school.”

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