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Men Before And After Weight Loss: Joseph Drops 150 Pounds To Manage His Diabetes

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BEFORE THE TRANSFORMATION: I just would go off and go grab something, fast food, to eat for dinner. Go grab lunch or something. I wasn’t controlling my diet at all. I’d have to go get breakfast on the way to work and then grab some lunch from work because I’d be busy and wouldn’t prepare my lunches and stuff. On the way home, I would grab something on my way home.

THE TURNING POINT: When I found out I was diabetic. I have family members that have had a lot of complications with diabetes and I’ve seen what diabetes can do and decided I had two choices: either lose weight or die, basically. And decided I like my pulse. I kind of like getting up in the morning. I’m off medication for almost a year now actually.

GETTING STARTED: I was too heavy to even exercise. My body wasn’t going to handle it. I lost about 20 or 30 pounds just dieting and then I went to Sears and bought a recumbent exercise bike to burn calories. The human body is an engine. It’s calories in, calories out. If you burn off more calories, you’ll lose weight. If you take in more calories, you’re going to gain weight. I needed to burn calories so I went and bought it and I started at five minutes a day. Five minutes then went to 10 minutes, 10 minutes went to 15. I started increasing the resistance steadily and within about six months I was maxing out that recumbent exercise bike. I would start out an hour and I do an hour at maximum resistance. I got bored. So I bought a bike and I started riding on weekends.

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THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE: The energy level is way up. It’s almost like a fog lifted. I just wasn’t tired all the time. I feel like I had energy I could go do things. So it was a dramatic change from a health perspective.

A NEW WAY OF LIFE: My life revolves around my diet and exercise to control the diabetes from a personal standpoint. Now I make my breakfast. I take my breakfast and lunch to work so I can control what I eat. If I go out to eat, it’s a salad or something like that. It’s not junk, not garbage. I make sure I eat as healthy as I can.

WORDS OF ADVICE: I’ve been to restaurants with people with diabetes complaining, “I can’t control my sugar. I still have foot problems, blah, blah, blah.” And I look at what they eat and I look at what they’re doing and say, “Well, you can’t complain about that. You’re doing it to yourself.” And that’s part of what I tell people is you do it to yourself but you’ve got to take control and you’ve got to reverse it and you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I didn’t want to die, and that was my motivation.

TOOLS OF MY SUCCESS: A recumbent exercise bike. A road bike. [/tab] [tab heading=’Q&A’ formatter=’1′]1. What was your top weight? 340 pounds

2. How many pounds have you lost? Approximately 150 pounds

3. How long did it take you? February of 2008 to April of 2009

4. What was your largest clothing size, and what size do you wear now? Before: Pants, 58 and shirts, 4XL. Now: Pants, 36, and shirts, XL

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5. Do you still have one of two of your largest clothing items? Yes

6. What do you do for a living? I am a network engineer at AT&T

7. What is your age? 44

8. Do you have a website or blog? No, I am part of a Type II diabetic cycling team: www.teamtype1.org

9. What are your hobbies: Cycling, ham radio

10. Are there any fitness devices that were important to your journey? My bicycle

11. Do you have any favorite exercise DVDs? No

12. Where do you work out? I train around Covington, and I do century rides on the weekends

13. Are there any songs that you like to listen to while working out? No. You really don’t want to listen to music when cycling. You need to hear cars.

14. Songs?


16. Books?

17. Did you participate in any weight loss groups? No, this was all on me

18. Has your weight loss story been featured in any newspapers, magazines, books or television shows? Atlanta Journal Constitution, the NBC station in Dublin

19. Do you have a favorite food item or recipe that keeps you on course? Zaxby’s salads

20. Is there any food item that you eat now that you didn’t eat before your weight loss? Bananas

21. Do you have any essential kitchen items that you can’t do without? Not really

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