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Joseph Totter of Oxford loses 159 pounds

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Read his success story! Before and after male transformation and fitness motivation from men who hit their weight loss goals. They got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comFormer weight: 
340 pounds

Current weight:
181 pounds


Pounds lost: 159 pounds

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Height: 5 feet 11 inches

How long he’s kept it off: 6 months. “I started in February 2008 at over 340 pounds and have been [around] 180 pounds since May 2009,” Totter says.

Personal life: “I am a network analyst for the phone company,” he says. He lives in Oxford.

Turning point: “I was having major health issues and was just falling apart,” he says. “I went to the doctor in February 2008 and my blood sugar was around 700 [mg/dL], and my triglycerides were off the chart. I had to do something and fast. I decided I like my pulse; I had become rather attached to it, so I had to get myself straight.”

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Diet plan: “I believe in the KISS principle: keep it simple stupid,” he says. “I cut out all sugars, and for lunch and dinner it’s all salads. It is just simple that way. No counting or silly points, Just salads. I do have scrambled eggs and tomatoes for breakfast. I did add bananas for fruit after a year. I will only have diet drinks, mainly I drink tea. Funny, but being diabetic makes it easy for me. There is no choice but to eat like I do.”

Exercise routine: “It’s all about cycling for me,” he says. He bikes daily between 35 and 50 miles. On the weekends, he does century rides – 100-mile bike rides.

Biggest challenge: “Really there is not one any more. My habits are set,” he says. “If I go out I just order salad, and if I am traveling I will stay at a hotel that has an exercise room so I can work out. I stick to what I do. I plan on keeping my pulse for as long as I can. This makes me very highly motivated.”

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How life has changed: “I am in better health and feel better,” he says. “I love going to the bike rides. It’s been a huge part of my life now. For me this was not about vanity or psychology but just purely a health issue. I am off all medication and plan to keep it that way.”


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