How I Lost Weight: Jennifer Lost 116 Pounds As Part Of An Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Former weight: 289 pounds

Current weight: 173 pounds

Pounds lost: 116

Height: 5 feet 3 inches

How long she’s kept it off: “I started my weight loss in January 2008. I reached my goal in September 2009, but I still want to lose 25 more pounds,” Pate said.

Personal life: “I’m married, the mother of three, with a grandson. I live in Ellenwood, and I’m a caregiver,” she said.

Turning point: “I decided to change my life when I saw a picture of myself that made me cry — I just couldn’t believe that was me,” she said. “I also suffered with high blood pressure, poor circulation in my hands and feet, bone spurs and loss of energy. So me and a family member started working out together and eating healthy meals. I started losing weight. Then, I hit a plateau and decided to join Casi’s Straight Military Style Bootcamp (www.casis, where I [lost] more weight.”

Diet plan: Breakfast is a small bowl of grits and half a grapefruit. Lunch is a small salad and dinner is grilled chicken, spinach and fruit.

Exercise routine: “I work out six days a week,” she said. “I do a lot of running outside and on the treadmill. I do cycling classes two or three times a week at the gym, step classes and [I] walk up Stone Mountain and run around it.” She has also started running half- marathons.

Biggest challenge: “It was changing my eating habits and working out,” she said.

How life has changed: “I love my family very much, so I had to lose weight so I could be around for them. Every time I started to give up, I would just think about them,” she said. “I’m a caregiver and I would take care of others but never myself. I had to think about myself also so I could live and be happy. My life [has] changed for the good. I’m really happy with myself. I love to go out with my husband and sometimes with my friends. My biggest thing is I don’t have to shop in plus-size stores anymore, and that feels good.”

Source: AJC