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It’s All About the Choices!!! I Even Amazed Myself!

My story takes place over two years, with two years of news years resolutions. I like most people made and broke resolutions year after year. But when I was put on blood pressure medication due to being obese, I felt defective, broken and angry that I had brought this on myself, my ‘aha’ moment.

If I broke, it I now has to fix it. so I did. I picked a date in January 2010 to make changes in the way that I ate. No diet, no pills no surgery, no nothing. My goal was not to lose weight but to make better choices so that I could get off my blood pressure meds.

I am also a travel warrior and travel for busness nearly every week. But I was determined. I kept a food diary to track every bit of food that went into my mouth. I looked up menus on the web. I was deligent.

The result was pretty amazing. Within three months I has already cut my blood pressure med in half ( based on Dr. recommendation) Within the first year, I was totaly off my meds.

When News Years came for 2012, I had lost 70 lbs, with more to go, So I had to decide what my resolution was going to be. When I looked at what I was eating, I realized that there were some things that needed to stop going into by body to move myself closer to better health. No fake foods or sweentners. And more green tea.

I try to drink a green tea every day and I only use stevia for a sweenter. I am like an old lady and carry a baggie of sweenter in my purse, like my gramdmother did with saccharine when I was a kid.

I have done execptional and if you look at my bloodwork from the past and now, I am so much healthier. No blood pressure meds and great cholesteral levels.

So I as move into 2013. What was left to resolve. To start moving. I lost weight with only my food choices. So imagine what I could do if I actually exercised.

No you must know. I have some physical limitations that I thougth prevented me from moving. I have trauamtic arthritus in my right ankle. Walking even hurt. I wear a boot on my leg to walk normally with limited pain.

So walking, running, jumping, those activites were out. I finally found a gym that was willing to work with me. To explore ways to get the cardio and strength training that I need to more forward with getting totally healthy.

I am committed and even amaze myself that I like the kickboxing classes. The instructors all know my limitations and totaly help me to modify the routines.

One even wrapped his ankle up so tight to limit his mobility to help understand what I felt like.

So going into 2013 I am resolved to have a 3rd year of accomplised resolutions. I am proud. I am committed and I even amaze myself.

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