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Real Weight Loss Success Stories: Christy Lost 40 Pounds And Decreased Her Hypertension Medication

My daughter Christy was diagnosed with hypertension 2 years ago. She was 30 yrs old. Her father and grandmother had HBP and both died with massive heart attacks. Christy, who if determined to do anything–does, cut her sodium intake, which cut out most packaged (processed) and fast foods. Within 6 mos. she had lost 40 lbs and decreased her medication by 75%!! She has educated me in healthy eating habits and proven that simple, the closer to nature –the better! Herbs, spices, grass-fed beef, chicken, fish– dark chocolate. There is no deprivation—just a very new, exciting and DELICIOUS way of living. I’m so very proud of her.


Source: iReports

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