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Weight Loss Before and After: Isabel Sheds 55 Pounds And Turns Her Life Around

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Isabel lost 55 pounds! See my before and after weight loss pictures, and read amazing weight loss success stories from real women and their best weight loss diet plans and programs. Motivation to lose weight with walking and inspiration from before and after weightloss pics and photos.Isabel had been overweight for years, but after she got married, she decided that it was time to turn her life around and get in shape. With the help of her husband, Isabel managed to drop 55 pounds. Read on to learn how she did it! 

Vital Stats

Name: Isabel Hamton

Age: 36

Email: cheerio_isabel@rocketmail.com


Weight: 215 lbs

Chest: 50″

Waist: 42.5″

Hips: 46″

Thighs: 33.5″


Weight: 160 lbs

Chest: 36″

Waist: 28″

Hips: 32″

Thighs: 21″

Why I Got Started

My husband was the one who got me started through the gym in our new apartment. If it wasn’t because we are getting married and moving into our own house, I wouldn’t have had a chance to change my body.

My confidence was very low. I learned to accept the fact that I have been overweight for years, but I just couldn’t be bothered with it. I decided to change my body only after I got married and moved into my own house with a home gym in the basement. I finally took hold of this opportunity and told myself – “I’m going to change my body once and for all!”

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How I Did It

With the gym in the basement, it totally changed my lifestyle. I was so excited to hit the treadmill and the weights after I got home from work. The workout and cardio sessions are the first thing I had in mind when it came to relaxing after a hectic working day.

Not only does it relieve the stress from work, but it made me into what I am today. It completely changed my life. Of course, my diet and nutrition were in-check; I avoid fast food as much as I could!


* MuscleTech HydroxyCut Hardcore

* Whey Protein


As I’m not into competing, my meals are consumed every 3-4 hours. They are basically a mix of whole food and fruits.

Meal 1:

o 3 egg whites

o 1 whole egg

o 1 cup of low fat milk

Meal 2:

o Chicken fillet

o Broccoli

o Rice

Meal 3:

o Whey Protein

o Low fat milk

o Banana

Meal 4:

o Salmon fillet

o Pasta

o Green apple

Meal 5:

o Whey Protein

o Low fat milk

My workout is usually done after Meal 4, which is around late evening. I feel that my energy levels are the highest during that period of time.

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As I’m training at home, machines are limited therefore most exercises are performed with dumbbells (saves space). I train 4 times a week with cardio sessions (45 minutes bike/treadmill) done everyday after work/workout. My exercises are done in the rep range of 25-15.

Day 1: Back & Biceps

o 4 sets pull ups

o 4 sets dumbbell row

o 3 sets hammer curls

o 3 sets dumbbell curls

Day 2: Shoulders

o 3 sets side lateral raises

o 3 sets seated dumbbell press

o 3 sets front raises

Day 3: Chest & Triceps

o 3 sets dumbbell flyes

o 3 sets dumbbell press

o 3 sets incline dumbbell press

o 3 sets dumbbell kickbacks

o 3 sets overhead triceps extensions

Day 4: Quads & Hamstrings

o 4 sets wide stance squats

o 4 sets lunges

o 4 sets stiff legged deadlift

I’ll usually finish my workout within an hour or 45 minutes, I love to sweat!

Suggestions For Others

Patience and determination is all you ever need to change your body once and for all! Before starting any dieting phase, look yourself in the mirror and set goals which are realistic and attainable every month. Keeping track of your workouts and progress will be the route to success!

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