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I Whittled 3 Inches from My Waist!

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Abigail Honor, 31

Her Baby-Body Blues: “I was dying to get back to exercising, but with work and taking care of my daughter, going to the gym seemed impossible.”

Amazing Results: Abby lost 10 pounds, 3 inches around her waist, .5 inches off her thighs, and 1.5 inches off her hips. “I can easily fasten a pair of pants that didn’t come close to buttoning before.”

What She Loved About the Workout: “I could do it late at night when my daughter was asleep. But most important, it helped me feel fitter and happier.”

Advice to New Moms: “Stick with it. The second week, I was exhausted, but I battled on with the exercises and felt refreshed by week three.”

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