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Male Weight Loss Success Story: Hann Quits Smoking And Loses 70 Pounds

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Name: Hann Sipin
I lost 70 pounds! Read my weight loss success story and see my before and after weight loss pictures at the website The Weigh We Were. Hundreds of success stories, articles and photos of weight loss diet plans for men, tips for how to lose weight for men. Build muscle and lose belly fat with healthy male weight loss transformation pics for inspiration!Age: 45
Height: 5’10”
Before Weight: 230 pounds

How I Gained It: I loved to eat — a lot. I loved to smoke — a lot. I did not care about myself. It was the compulsion to overeat. Food for me was a blanket of security. I ate a lot of rice and heavy doses at fast-food and buffet restaurants. I felt miserable inside. I was defeating myself and drowning myself in isolation.

Breaking Point: The results of my blood work horrified me. I developed gout, my total cholesterol was abnormally high and I was nearing pre-diabetes. I was scared that I was slipping — fast. I needed to overhaul my whole persona.

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How I Lost It: I knew if I wanted to lose weight and be successful, I needed to quit smoking cigarettes. I did not struggle, I just quit. From there, portion control was the key. I cut down on my sugar intake. I stopped drinking soda and switched to water. I ate more fruits and vegetables and totally eliminated processed food.

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I rediscovered my passion for sports. I started swimming and playing basketball religiously, combining them with a trip to the steam room. It felt liberating to be able to work out strenuously. Now, I do 300 pushups and 300 sit-ups a day to sculpt my body. Finally, I’m off my medications too!

I’ve regained control of my life. I have so much stamina and energy, it is mind-boggling. I’m more confident and happier now and looking forward to the future.

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After Weight: 160 pounds

Source: Huffington Post

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