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I lost over 145lbs, so can you!

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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comHello friends my name is Torrie Creamer. I want to take a moment and tell you my story. 2 ½ years ago I weighed 322lbs. I was just a normal mother of three married for over 10 years to my high school sweet heart and thought life was okay even though I had gained over 150lbs after getting married and having children.

My husband never complained my friends never said anything to me about it. I was always the center of attention, the comedian and the loud mouth that always that crazy, silly girl from the neighborhood. However here is the truth…. The smile on my face and my happy attitude was all a facade. “I felt like a house on a dead end street that always kept the door shut however it had a beautiful wreath on the outside door. It looked great on the outside but when you open the door it was a Mess!”

I was only 33 years old. I worked at a job that I sat behind a desk for 8 hours a day. I came home to my kids and husband and would sit down again for another 5 hours watching TV and eating all the junk that was quick and easy to make. I didn’t play with my kids outside or do any extra if it was going to make me use any extra energy. For years I would make a new, New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

I joined gyms, I bought videos, I tried the water diet, the soup diet, the no carb diet, etc… Success, ZERO! I was standing in the kitchen and my six year old came up to me and out of the blue he asked….. “Mommy, why are you fat?” I turned to him with shock and said quickly “well because I had 3 kids that were huge and stretched mommy belly out” He replied, “You don’t have any babies inside you now so why are you still fat?”

Right at that moment I had an epiphany and was looking at myself through an innocent 6yr old child’s eyes. Why was I fat? There was absolutely no excuse. That same week I was sitting at a baseball game with a friend of mine, when she turned and looked at a lady walking by and said just awful words about the way she looked. I turned to her and said “that is not nice, I’m bigger than her and I would hate to see what you say about me.” Oh”, she quickly snapped back. “It’s okay we like you because you have a pretty face.” A pretty face?

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That made no sense. The next day my mom emailed me a coupon for joining a fitness bootcamp class. It was 4 weeks for only $25.00. I said what the heck I will give it a try. I had no intention on pursuing the class after the 4 weeks. First day of class, I was lead to the beach by one of the trainers and the class was already in session. I looked down from the boardwalk and saw ladies running in the sand back and forth from cone to cone. Quickly I wanted to take a detour to my car. A lady from the sand asked me to join them. I went onto the sand and tried to push myself to do what the other girls were doing. I fell down!!!

It took 3 male trainers to help pick me up out of the sand. HUMILATED!! I left after class crying and didn’t know what to think. The next day I came and I made myself go back to that beach. Four weeks had passed and I went to every class. I lost about 15 pounds in those 4 weeks. I was always the last runner in or in my case the last “walker in”. I could not do push-ups. I could not finish a routine without feeling like I was dying and about to vomit, but somehow I made it there and I completed it. I didn’t talk to anyone, I was always in the back of the class, and I didn’t stay around and share any goals with anyone.

I went to my job the next day. After working for this company over ten years I got the notice that I had been laid off. I didn’t know what I was going to do and so I called and left a message on my trainer’s voice message and explain I could not come to class or even continue because I could not afford it. That afternoon, I got a call from one of the girls in the class. She said that the class had gotten together and decided that after watching me, they saw I put my 110% into my workout each and every time. They decided they were going to put together the money and have me continue with the workout program.

My trainer also called and said that I was part of the family now and that he was not going to let me fail. I sat on my porch thinking to myself, these people don’t know me and why are they doing this for me. No one has ever done this for me. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. At that moment, I made the promise to myself that if these people were not letting me fail than how can I let myself fail. I continued with the fitness program and always pushed myself no matter how many times I fell or how many times I cried or how bad the pain hurt and the mental struggle I had with what I was pushing myself to do.

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Every week it got easier and easier and I would not stay complacent. I continued to move to the next level. Halfway to making my weight goal I made one more promise to myself. I promised that once I met my goal, I would learn and provide the knowledge to other women just like me that did not think they could do it. I had all the excuses (knee injury, back hurts, wrist injury, I’m tired, I don’t have time, etc.) With strong support from my family and most of my friends, I now am here to say I have done it!! I have lost over 145 pounds and met my weight goal. I now continue with the boot camp class along with weight training in the gym and cardio class. People ask, when are you going to stop.

There is no stopping you just move towards the next level. This was not a quick overnight diet success story. This was a life changing story and I’m proud to say I’m living happier, healthier, and stronger and am looking forward to the future and be able to help other women as those in my life helped me. You are only given 1 journey in this world don’t cheat yourself of true happiness, you are worth everything you work hard for. Once you stop with the excuses the doors will open. I truly do believe that my Angel, “Gabriel” was my rescuer in my life, thank you son. Also thank you to my family, friends, and Boot camp for Women, Body by Ken.
**Healthy Hugs,

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