I Did It! Jo-Ann’s Weight Loss Success

Just over a year ago, I sought a professional partner-in-healing who could understand my goals, particularly, to customize for me a very specific strength training plan, to create a workout program to build my cardiac stamina, and to develop a clinically, specific nutritional plan.


Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios made that happen for me. They created a specific dietary strategy based on my nutritional profile. He knows how to respond to my health and energy levels as I move through a workout, offering encouragement, enthusiasm and support.


This is the first time in my life I can say that a professional in this field has contributed to my wellness in such an extraordinary, respectful, interactive way. As a result, I have lost 26 pounds, 6% body fat and 19 inches overall. I run one to three miles almost every day, and have more energy than ever! I continue to enjoy working with the trainers at JWFNS on a weekly basis.


Source: iReports