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I am who I am… A mom and a dad

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I do this because of my mom. I was 15 and my mom was 41 when she died from leukemia leaving my dad a widow with 6 kids and I am the second oldest. I made a vow to myself that if I ever have kids I would grow old with them. My mom was overweight, overworked,over involved and never took care of herself both physically and mentally.I have been through a lot myself and I was neglecting my own self. At the age of 32 I became divorced and a single parent with 5 kids. I was given the opportunity to move to Anchorage, Alaska in the summer of 2001. The first few years, there were a lot of hard adjustments and a lot of healing that needed to happen. I was getting close to turning 40 and remembered the promise I made to myself. I use to be a size 26/28 when I was in my 30’s today I am 44 and down to a size 14/16. With the help of using the Beach Body products and also seeking help from the community I have become a very different and successful person. I look and feel younger than 44 and I love who I have become. My goal is to help people understand their own self worth, why their smile and that sparkle in one’s eyes means more to a person then money ever will. I have been blessed by so many people and I want to continue to be a blessing for others.
My goal is to maintain a size 12/14. I workout at least once a day and attend a fit club here in Anchorage. People have helped me to see my self worth and the value and importance of myself and the difference I have made/can continue making. I would like to help others to see that in themselves as well.

I am a amazing woman, a hard-working mom and dad for my family and I am very blessed!


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