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Before And After: Andrea Lost 95 Pounds After Seeing Her Reflection At The Mall

How one woman lost 95 pounds by walking and eating better?

Andrea Gulley Robinson got her weight-loss wake-up call when she saw her size-22 reflection in a mall window. “I felt like I needed a sign on my back that said ‘wide load,’” she recalls. The root of the then-32-year-old’s problem: She didn’t know when to stop eating. “I was raised to eat whatever was on my plate,” she says.

After that reality check at the mall, Andrea turned to Slim-Fast, hoping that its advice and portion-controlled shakes would help her downsize her eating habits. “I learned how my plate should look—25 percent carbs, 25 percent protein, and half vegetables,” she says.

Andrea got moving, too. She started walking 12 miles a day and joined a women-only gym, where she could exercise without feeling self-conscious about her size. To keep her motivated, her husband, Keith, surprised her with new clothes as she slimmed down.

Sticking to this simple plan helped Andrea drop from a size 22–24 to a 10–12. And today this 6-foot-tall 42-year-old weighs in at a healthy 160 pounds. But the real reward is how she feels these days. “I really didn’t focus on weight or size,” Andrea says. “I just wanted to be healthy. Now I have more self-confidence and lots of energy.”

Her no-gym workout!
“I really love my Wii Fit,” Andrea says. “I like to do the aerobics classes, balance games, and yoga.”

Safe splurge
How does Andrea stay on track? Six days a week, she avoids sweets—but on Saturdays she lets herself eat whatever she craves. Her favorite indulgence? Shortbread cookies.

Nice job!
To congratulate Andrea, Nike is sending her a Nike + iPod Sport Kit with a pair of Nike Zoom Sister One + Women’s Training Shoes, so she can track her fitness success and work out to favorite tunes, too.

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