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How One Woman Found a Workout She Loves and Lost 125 lbs

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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comTracie Creasy, 30 of Vinton, Virginia discovered the number-one secret to lasting weight loss: a workout she loves.

My wake-up call?
The day I realized I was one size away from the largest clothes that Lane Bryant sells. I couldn’t help but think, If I get any bigger, what am I going to fit into?

That was August 2006. I cut out soda immediately, but it wasn’t until that November that I got the nerve to step on a scale (after years of ignoring my weight)—I was 293 pounds. I knew I needed to do some­thing drastic, so I signed up for every water-aerobics class offered at my gym. As for my diet, I decided to just do two things: shrink my portions and cut out fast food.

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Soon, I started to feel better (no more achy knees!), so I began walking, cycling, and lifting weights. By July 2008, I had dropped 125 pounds. When I started losing, my goal was just to feel better. Now, I feel like I can really live!

Before Now
Pounds: 293 168
Size: 24/26 8/10
Total lost: 125

Timeline to Slim
• 293 lbs-Nov. 2006-Started with water aerobics
• 273 lbs-Dec. 2006-Lost 20 lbs and one dress size in six weeks. Yay!
• 216 lbs-Sept. 2007-Walked my first 5K
• 199 lbs-Dec. 2007-There was a 1 on the scale—a 1!
• 168 lbs-July 2008–now-Total weight loss: 125 lbs

Her gift:
Since reaching her goal, Tracie’s become a certified group-fitness instructor. Now that she’s helping other women get fit, Danskin offered to help her look great. They’re giving Tracie an All Weather Jacket ($110), the Aerosilver Black Spandex Bootleg Crop Pant ($50), and a Toning Ball ($20). Way to go, Tracie!

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