How I lost 130 pounds and kept it off!


May 2008. I had been separated from my ex-husband for two years and the stress of dealing with the financial mess he left pushed my weight up to 320 pounds.

I’ve been overweight since I was five years old. I have lost weight on diets and always, always gained it back, so, by this point, I had pretty much given up hope of ever even being close to a normal weight again. With a sedentary job and my age (48) I thought “This is it, this is the way I will look the rest of my life.”

One day, though, I was on MySpace (minding my own businss) when a person wrote to me and said “Would you like to be friends?”

I thought at first this person was promoting themselves because they were a professional entertainer.(not a famous one, but definitely someone who makes their living in that field)

I wrote back, “Sure, I’ll be your friend” and much to my surprise they wrote back! After a few letters back and forth, he said he wanted to see a full-length picture of me. When I sent it, his response was..


At first I thought “Wow, that is so rude!” But I also could not help but think “Wow, unfortunately, they have a point!”

So, this person, who lives in California, who I’d never met, started calling me every day. Sometimes several times a day to make sure I was eating right and loosing weight.

At first, I thought it was silly. I mean, me? Loose weight for good? Without a diet? All this person asked is that I try to pick the healthiest and best thing for me every time I ate and to start exercising in some minimal way.

And much to my shock, it started working!!

I ate vegetables when before I would snack on chips and candy. I kept it simple. I did not do a diet where I had to count carbs, etc. I just tried to make the best choices every day and keep my intake to a certain number of calories. I also ran for the first time in 25 years.

This person and I started on a journey together and decided that when I got most of my weight off, I would come out and visit. I’d never been to California, much less to Hollywood, and the idea helped me through the rough spells when I wanted to eat.

Then, a year after we met, my friend had a stroke. I flew out and we finally talked face to face. He was making a good recovery, and I could tell part of that was knowing that I was depending on him to be there for me for the rest of the time I needed him to help me.

I’m about 50 pounds away now from my goal weight. I admit after I lost the first 100 pounds I became frightened that I would gain the weight back, but, with the help of my friend I’ve kept the weight off for over a year now. A FIRST! and I’m slowly going in the right direction.. headed down the scale, not up.


Source: iReports