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Weight Loss Success Story: How I Droped the Extra Pounds I Picked Up in College

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I lost over 30 pounds! Read my weight loss success story at the inspiration weightloss website The Weigh We Were.  Beautiful black women losing weight with clean eating habits, lifestyle changes, meal plans and diet programs. Before and after African American pictures, motivation, fitspo and workout gym tips.

Like many young persons in college I gained ” the freshman 10″ which over the years turned into an extra thirty pounds.

I tried so many different things to get those pounds off nothing seem to offer any lasting results. After I had my first child it was easy to tell myself it was baby weight; but was it? I had to face the facts that I had gained those pounds way before any babies came into the picture. I tried but failed many times to take off the weight, until it happened.

The “it” that I am talking about was traveling abroad. In 2008 I had the eye opening experience of traveling to Ethiopia where I lived for eight months. I saw life, experienced foods and thought of daily exercise in a new light. Living in an elevated altitude high in the hills of Addis Ababa I realized that exercise was not what one did in the gym but rather how one accomplished daily tasks. No longer focusing on my weight living in the now and experiencing life brought me a pleasant surprise. In a few short months of not even trying I lost all of my excess pounds. Yes it’s true

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In case you were wondering did she say “Ethiopia” was she starving herself or something? Far from it I ate fresh fruits an vegetables daily. Tasty cuisine with a touch of spice. I grew to love their unique bread named Injera slightly tangy and strangely addictive. So in short I ate well and to my surprise I lost the freshman 30 plus the baby fat. I mean effortlessly I went back to the size of when I was in High School 123 lbs.

In 2009 when I came back to America after returning from overseas I saw a radical difference in how people approached foods and in particular how I approached food. I was eternally changed by the trip and the things that I learned about health and daily living. Now I use my life experiences to help others lose their hard to shake pounds .

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