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How Audrea Bauer Loss 62 Pounds

Name: Audrea Bauer

Age: 32

From: Charles Town,West Virginia

Now: 138 lbs

Before: 200 lbs

How she did it:

With 60 extra pounds from the birth of her daughter,

…Audrea decided to join Weight Watchers

…and began walking for an hour five days a week.

Eight months later

…(and 62 pounds lighter!)

…she was elated to fit into a size 8!


Source: Health.com

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  • Wow! W! I also managed to lost some pounds, but not as much as her, I give props to her for being such an inspiration!
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    – Don’t buy junk food, because if there’s junk food in the house, you are most likely to eat it.
    – Drink green tea, it will help you boost your metabolism, which will help a lot in the process of losing fat!
    – Do at least 45 minutes of exercise (preferably HIIT) a day, it will help you burn a lot of calories!
    – Get more than 6 hours of sleep at night, getting less than 6 hours will disrupt your hormones, which will lead to an increased calorie consumption.
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