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Weight Loss Success Story: I Went From A Size 22 To A Size 10

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March 2012 , i was sitting in Biochemistry Class and my Professor said something about Adipocytes, …. i had my aha moment …i was a size 22
and i would only get bigger if i didn’t change my lifestyle .I prayed about it the next morning i started walking.
I am an Internationa medical student in St Lucia ….St Lucia is beautiful and hilly……i climbed every hill i could. My BEST friend joined me …..i became a pescovegetarian ……so we coined the term “hilling” we hilled every morning for one hour.Sweat and Hard work..!!!! I never once climbed on the scale…..

10 months later am a size 10….i am back in the US n Hilling Continues …just in A GYM…..IF U WANT IT BAD ENOUGH …U CAN HILL IT TO EXISTENCE!!!!


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