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Hilary after her pregnancy, she decided that it was finally time to get in shape.

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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comHilary was overweight when she joined the Military. Then, after her pregnancy, she decided that it was finally time to get in shape. After yo-yo dieting for years, she turned her attention to lifting and the pounds began dropping off of her body!

Vital Stats

Name: Hilary O’Connor

Email: hilary29oconnor@gmail.com

BodySpace: harleygirl30

Age: 30


Weight: 186 lbs

Body Fat: 32%


Weight: 130 lbs

Body Fat: 17%

Why I Got Started

I was over weight when I joined the military and met my husband shortly there after. Not long after we were married, we had our first child and my post-pregnancy weight was 186 lbs. I couldn’t believe that I passed 200 when I was pregnant and the sad thing is that I didn’t gain all that much as a result of the pregnancy, I just started out big.

I was exhausted and embarrassed with myself; along with the fact that the military gave me a 6 month waiver to get back in shape. I had to do something. I kind of yo-yoed for a few years and the lowest I got was around 155 lbs. Which was great but I was only a skinnier fat version of myself.

Then I shifted my emphasis from cardio to weights. I work out primarily at home and this was easy for me. I would get my weights out during naptime and that became my time. I lift 5 days a week now and only do on average of 3 cardio sessions for only 20 minutes. The weight seemed to strip of my body. It was amazing. I saw muscle definition that I didn’t know I was capable of creating. But I never would have seen it if I hadn’t cleaned up my diet.

How I Did It

I always ate ‘pretty good’ but for some reason I thought that the little things didn’t count, like creamer, wine, and sauces. That is were it really got me because it added so much to my daily intake that I wasn’t accounting for.

Also, over doing it on my cheat days didn’t help either. I am a huge fan of Mexican food but eating the whole basket of chips and salsa before I even started on my dinner was counter-productive. Now I stick with a cheat meal and limit it to one serving of whatever I want. And that has really helped me not botch my efforts.


* Hydroxycut

* EAS Whey Protein

* No-Xplode

* Multivitamin


7:00 AM:

o ½ cup old fashioned oatmeal (not instant)

o Splenda

o 2 tbs ground flaxseed

o ¼ cup blueberries

o 4 egg whites/1 whole egg

o Ms. Dash

10:00 AM:

o ½ cup old fashioned oatmeal (not instant)

o Splenda

o 2 scoops whey protein

1:00 PM:

o 1 can tuna

o Low carb tortilla

o ½ cup green veggies

3:30 PM:

o 1 cup fat free cottage cheese

o Splenda

o Cinnamon

5:30 PM:

o 5 oz Chicken breast/turkey

o ½ sweetpotato

o 1 cup broccoli/asparagus

I always drink lots of water with each of my meals and black coffee in the morning.


Monday: Chest & Triceps

o 20 Minutes Stairstepper

o Barbell Bench Press

o Incline Bench Press

o Dumbbell Flyes

o Chest Dips

o Triceps Pushdowns

o Dumbbell Kickbacks

o Triceps Dumbbell Extensions

Tuesday: Legs

o Barbell Squats

o Dumbbell Lunges

o Leg Press

o Leg Extension

o Deadlifts

o Standing Calf Raises

o Seated Calf Raises

Wednesday: Cardio

o 20 Minutes Stairstepper

Thursday: Back & Biceps

o Lat Pulldowns

o Bent Over Barbell Rows

o Seated Cable Rows

o Stiff-Legged Deadlifts

o Barbell Curls

o Hammer Curls

o Preacher Curls

Friday: Shoulders

o 20 Minutes Stairstepper

o Dumbbell Shrugs

o Barbell Shoulder Presses

o Lateral Raises

o Front Raises

o Reverse Flyes

Saturday: Glutes & Hamstrings

o Bridges

o Glute Kickbacks

o Seated Leg Curl

o Dumbbell Lunges

I work in the low rep range (6-10) lifting as heavy as I can without compromising my form. I try to get as much out of the negative as I can. I find for myself, low weight/high reps really doesn’t build or shape me and too much cardio tends to minimize my weight training efforts as well.

Suggestions For Others

My biggest suggestion to those looking to change their current bodies is to be honest with yourself. We all ‘know’ that we added a little extra in a meal, had a few beers or picked up a latte while shopping. Those calories count too!

As well as having cheat meals too close together or saying that you will cheat for a special occasion and then cheat again on your normally scheduled day. All those things add up too. For me diet is the biggest thing.

My 1-2 hours working out a day only burn/build so much. If you look at the damage that can be done with unaccounted for calories and junk food, you will see that those can erase all your gym efforts in a few gluttonous minutes.

For training, be consistent. We all get sick/injured/or busy. Find a way to make it work for you; workout at your most convenient time, not someone else’s.

That way you are more likely to stick with it. I like to work out at the same time everyday that way it is like and appointment not just something I am attempting to fit in.

Most of all, do it for yourself and enjoy how healthy and strong a proper balance diet of whole foods, along with a strong training program can make you feel. Look at your pictures along the way for encouragement and keep taking advantage of Bodybuilding.com for inspiration.

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