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Before And After: Heather Trims Down 50 Pounds By Slimming Her Portions

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I lost over 50 pounds! Read my weight loss success story at the inspiration weightloss website The Weigh We Were.  Beautiful black women losing weight with clean eating habits, lifestyle changes, meal plans and diet programs. Before and after African American pictures, motivation, fitspo and workout gym tips. Name: Heather Colella

Age: 39


Before weight: Between 190-200

How I gained it: Growing up, we never thought much about overeating, we just did it. It was normal to order two sandwiches and fries from McDonald’s, eat two or three apple fritters on Saturday morning, make and eat lots of cookies or whatever else sounded good. Any time together was a time to eat. Food was a celebration.

Breaking point: At the age of 18, I overheard a family member tell someone how fat and lazy I was. I decided I was going to stay home less, and stop rewarding this person by continuing to eat all the fattening food.

How I lost it: I vowed I would eat smaller amounts and refuse the homemade pie and cake that was always available. I didn’t necessarily change in order to lose weight, I did it because I was mad and I wanted to prove something. So, I joined a community volleyball league (even though I was terrible at volleyball), started hanging out with friends, stopped eating second helpings and just got busy doing things other than eating. The pounds just kind of fell off. Once I got down to a size 10, I never stopped worrying about gaining it back. Since then, I’ve been a work in progress, now down to a size 8, and happy there.

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Now, it’s all about portion control. I use a smaller plate when the meal is richer than I would normally eat. I eat very little red meat, choosing poultry, fish or veggies. I have to think about my choices every single day. I won’t pretend I always make good choices.

Exercise is not something I have historically been consistent with, and I have an awful sweet tooth. I try to keep mental track of my calorie intake, and I forgive myself when I just have to have that Mocha Moo-Latte when something exciting happens. I just cut back on something else later.

People I’ve met since the weight loss just can’t believe I was heavy or that I have to think about my weight all the time. That is my reality. It’s a daily battle that I’m resolved to fighting the rest of my life. I feel 100 percent better about myself, and I don’t ever want that feeling to go away.

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After Weight: 137

Heather has maintained her weight loss since 1998.

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