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Real Weight Loss Success Stories: I Lost 120 Pounds Even With Heart Disease!

After I had my child, I got very sick with a serious heart condition. I was not allowed to exercise and was quite depressed, so I not only did not lose the baby weight, but I also gained additional weight with each hospital stay or medication change. I got to the point I couldn’t even fit into my “fat” clothes in my closet, so I spent months wearing workout pants and t-shirts. I was embarrassed to be in pictures or around my friends and new that all of this extra weight was not good for my heart condition.

I decided to join an online weight loss challenge and counted calories. I was quite strict on my food log and started slowly exercising. At first I could not do much exercise. I’d take a few 10 min walks a week, and increased it slowly each week, which I’d have to admit was torture at first. It was a bit more difficult than an average person, because I also had to be extra careful not to stress my heart too much too. Slowly but surely I increased my workouts though and I’m now up to at least an hour a day of exercise and LOVE it. Between the calorie counting and the weight loss challenges that required me to weigh in weekly and be accountable, everything just fell into place.

My life has been AMAZING since losing the 120 lbs. My doctors are thrilled with my progress. My blood pressure has dropped and my heart medication was cut in half. I wake up every day with a smile on my face and have so much energy. I always blamed my tiredness on my heart issue, but in reality a lot of it was the extra weight keeping me down. Now I feel like I can do anything!


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