Healed by sports

64 pound weight loss transformation

It started when I was a teenager! I didn’t question my eating habits and I didn’t move enough…. At the age of 17 I lost 80 pounds the wrong way, I used to be pro Ana and I didn’t exercise at all! Then came binge eating / purging when I was 23 because my body wanted to regain weight which besides all my so called “efforts” it did! I gained 20 pounds over 4 years and at the age of 27, I got pregnant where the first time in my life I allowed myself to eat anything I wanted to! So…. I gave birth ending up weighing 187 pounds and being totally depressive….

HOW DID YOUR WEIGHT AFFECT ANY ASPECT(S) OF YOUR LIFE?  Of course I didn’t dare be a part of social events ! I was scared to meet those who made fun of me as a teenager again and I thought everyone would make fun of my failure! Going for a swim during the summer: impossible!

WHAT WAS THE “TURNING POINT” THAT GOT YOU STARTED ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY?  There were many turning points…. The main one was when I was sitting on my bed, drying my hair and looking into my closet’s mirror…. This moment drove me crazy, I even cried! I hated myself so much at that moment!

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED?  I went to the supermarket and bought tons of vegetables, fruits, chicken and fish …. I bought my pasta and bread gluten- free and started to walk 2 miles around the neighbourhood

HOW LONG AFTER YOU STARTED DID YOU BEGIN TO SEE RESULTS OF YOUR WEIGHT LOSS EFFORTS?  The first results kicked in within the first two weeks, 2 – 3 pounds gone, Bam! Then it stuck…. I was frustrated but I kept going and 2 weeks later another pound had disappeared…. and so on! Ok I did let go twice for 1 month but I didn’t gain much and got back on track again…. nowadays, unthinkable, 2 days without exercising and I go crazy:)

WHAT WAS THE HARDEST PART?  Well, time issues! Being a working mom…. but fortunately, my family supported me and we always found solutions

DID YOU EVER WANT TO GIVE UP? WHAT KEPT YOU GOING?  My son! Being a good example, a strong, healthy eating mom:) without strange eating disorders

Of course I did…. mainly by slowing down a week not losing / gaining but keeping up the sports and then 2 weeks of strict diet (no carbohydrates at all) and then normal diet again

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO LOSE MOST OF THE WEIGHT?  It took me 2 years! I know that’s long, but efficient

DID YOU HAVE ANY NON-SCALE VICTORIES?  Yeah! Right now measuring has become far more important to me then what the scale says:) I didn’t lose anything anymore this month BUT a clothes size, so…. bye bye scale:) pictures/clothes, they are what it’s all about once you’ve reached your goal weight and I don’t care anymore if it goes up a few kg again as long as my sports results are fine:)

WHAT DOES YOUR DAILY DIET LOOK LIKE COMPARED TO WHEN YOU WERE HEAVIER?  I’ve always loved veggies but I was an emotional eater and I’ve always loved greasy food too…. I simply ate lots too much of everything

HOW DOES YOUR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY COMPARE TO WHEN YOU WERE HEAVIER?  When I was heavier: zero activity! I started walking 2 miles and I was out of breath afterwards! Nowadays I run semi- marathons:) I guess even though I knew I was weak, I couldn’t give up…. I try to wisely balance in between cardio and weightlifting right now


  1. Drink water and sugar free teas! Allow yourself to drink coke zero once a day but don’t touch alcohol! It makes your efforts go to waste!
  2. Count to 100 before eating that “delicious unhealthy thing” you are craving for! Try to find a healthy alternative before you come to 100!
  3. Never let people talk you into things you don’t want to like “just take that little piece”, stay strong even if it makes you look anti social !
  4. Find sports you love and mix them up with exercises you don’t like that much but you need to do…. one day of “yeih today is (for example) swimming day” and then “OMG it’s running day but in case I do well then tomorrow is great because it’s only walking day ” (only examples)
  5. Be creative in your kitchen! Make your own new favorite dishes:) who says you can’t combine eggs and tomatoes putting smoked salmon on top drinking freshly pressed orange/lemon juice