Real Weight Loss Success Stories: Ann Lost 160 Pounds For Her Health

My name is Ann. I am 31 years old. I have been heavy all my life. In fact, I weigh now what I weighed in 4th grade.

I was teased by classmates and family members most of my life. Although I had friends and was very outgoing, my weight held me back from doing so many things.

My heaviest recorded weight was 311lbs. I was a size 26 pants. I was one 5 blood pressure pills a day, my whole body ached from carrying the weight. It was no way to live. Even though I tried every “diet” in the book, from starvation, to Richard Simmons, nothing worked.

I found a wonderful man who loved and accepted me for me, and we were married in 2007, but still I knew I had to do something about my health and happiness.

My turning point was when we moved from New York to Arizona in January of 2011.We didn’t know anyone. I took this time away from family, friends, my environment and old habits, to focus on myself. I learned about eating clean and proper exercise. I cut out simple sugars, watched my calories, and limited my saturated fat intake. I learned to always prepare my food and had a plan of when and what I was going to eat for the day. I worked out 6-8 times a week. I started to think of exercise like breathing; something I had to do, there was no other option!

I set a goal that on my 30th birthday (November 2011), I would run my first 5K. I had never ran before in my life but it was something I always wanted to do. I think the first time I ran, I made it for about 20 seconds! I wasn’t sure if I could do it. But I kept trying. I would not give up on myself, not this time! And on my 30th birthday, which was 9 months after I started my journey, not only had I had lost over 120 lbs, I ran that 5K!!! I never stopped running and didn’t even come in last!!

It has now been 26 months since I started my path to better health and a happier life, I have lost 160 lbs. I am now 148lbs and a size 6!!! I now run 4 times a week, anywhere between 3 and 10 miles at a time. I’m officially addicted!!!

Source: iReports