Find out how BodySpace member Maddi lost over 100 lbs. Follow her exact plan and do the same!

Vital Stats

Name: Maddi



Weight before: 250

Weight after: 143

Chest before: 54

Chest after: 39

Waist before: 55

Waist after: 27

Hips before: 54

Hips after: 35

Thigh before: 30

Thigh after: 22

(I know….my waist was larger than my chest and hips. Sad.)

Why You Got Started?

I was suffering from severe emotional and physical distress. I was a wreck in every way, shape, and form. Basically, I was dying a very slow and painful death from the inside out.

How You Did It?

I journaled first of all. I used powerful motivational quotes. I stopped eating whatever crossed my path and became more attentive to what I put in my mouth. I decided that I was worth the effort it took to do so. (Self-love-the most important ingredient to weight loss success. I can not emphasize this enough.)

I joined a gym and made it the number one priority in my life. NOTHING comes before the gym to me. It took THAT severe amount of dedication and intent to make things stick.

What Supplements Did You Take?

I have tried and taken many things off and on. The supplements I have stuck with consistently and still take to this day are; multi-vitamin, glutamine, dhea, nitric oxide enhancer.

Give Us A Sample Week Of Your Diet.

My diet is still my weak point. I have gone through periods of doing well with it, and periods of not. My goal is for others to know of the importance of exercise. Sure, we all know diet is primary. However I am here to say that I lost over 100 lbs, PRIMARILY with exercise alone. No real diet-simply healthy changes-most importantly which included greatly increasing my protein intake.

I also cut out most junk food. No fried foods, a dramatic reduction in all processed carbs (which I LIVED on before), and very little sugar with the exception of fruit.

At this point I no longer cut or count calories. My goal IS however to start a cutting diet in the next couple of months to prepare for a competition in the fall of this year.

A typical day for me is not the typical day for your average bodybuilder. I am a vegetarian, so protein intake is a bit harder for me. I will eat certain fish and eggs at this point however.

Here Is What I Had Today:

Breakfast: 2 South Beach Diet Bars

Mid-Workout: creatine with dextrose

Post-workout: vanilla whey protein shake, 1 banana, about 10 strawberries

Lunch: cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, baby carrots

Snack: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich on 9 grain bread

Supper: Tilapia, peas, salad

Before bed: EAS Strawberry Protein Shake

What Did A Sample Week Of Training Consist Of?

I am often accused of overtraining. My typical week consists of exercising 6 days per week. This consists of 35-60 minutes of cardio daily, and an hour to sometimes an hour and a half of weights per day. I usually get in about 20-25 sets per body part worked daily.

I train a bit intuitively, and switch things up regularly.

One Week’s Example:

Monday: 35 m elliptical, 15 minutes of stretching, 1 hour weights

Chest Day: flat bench press 5 sets, incline bench press 5 sets, DB presses 5 sets, incline DB press 5 sets, cable crossovers 3 sets

**Go back in PM for 30 minute walk/jog intervals on treadmill

Tuesday: 35 m stairmill, 15 minutes of stretching, 1 hour weights

Leg Day: Smith squats 5 sets, BB squats 5 sets, Good Mornings 5 sets, Leg Ext 3 sets, Lying Leg Curl 3 sets, Walking Lunges 3 sets

Wednesday: 35 m elliptical, 15 m stretching, 1 hour weights

Bicep Day: DB Curl 5 sets, Preacher Curl 3 sets, BB Curl 5 sets, Hammer Curl 3 sets, Cable Curl 3 sets, Concentration Curl 3 sets

**Go back in PM for 30 minutes of walk/jog intervals on treadmill

Thursday: 35 m stairmill, 15 m stretching, 1 hour weights

Tricep Day: Overhead DB ext 7 sets, (mix of 1 arm and 2 arm), close grip bench press 5 sets, skullcrushers 5 sets, cable pulldowns 3 sets, tricep dips 3 sets

Friday: 35 m elliptical, 15 m stretching, 1 hour weights

Delt Day: front DB raises 3 sets, Lateral DB raises 3 sets, Arnold Presses 3 sets, Smith Overhead Presses 5 sets, Cable laterals 3 sets, Bent over Lateral Raises 3 sets

**Go back in PM for 30 minutes walk/jog intervals on treadmill

Saturday: 35 minute stairmill, 15 m stretching, 1 hour weights

Back Day: Bent over DB rows 3 sets, Bent over BB Rows 3 sets, Standard BB Deadlift 5 sets, Smith Straight Leg Deadlift 5 sets, Wide Grip Lat Pulls 3 sets, Cable Rows 5 sets, Body Weight Hangs/Pull-Ups 5 sets

Sunday: Total day of rest.

I usually work my abs and obliques in between sets about 3 days per week. I haven’t been regular as of late with my calves, but probably work them directly about once per month.

Suggestions For Others.

For women struggling to lose alot of weight. Please figure out how being fat has been serving you. For women it is usually a very complex mental process. The more punds you have allowed yourself to put on, usually the more complex the problem. There are many things that can be involved.

If I had not done the mental work, and the journaling throughout, I do not think I could have gotten to where I am today.

We tend to sabotage our own efforts until we overcome whatever mental blocks we have erected.

Common ones are: fear of being desirable, fear of sexual temptation, fear of the jealousy and envy of others. Yes, many are fear based!

Also, for mothers especially, there tends to be a martyr complex attached to being the “good” mom.

Realize that in the end, you are setting the example for your children through your actions. What good does it do to haul your children to lesson after lesson and activity after activity if YOU are fat, depressed, and have no life outside of them? We teach our children the world in love and sacrifice but forget that ultimately it is OUR LIFESTYLE that affects them the most. They will learn by your actions and how well you treat YOURSELF what kind-of life THEY are ultimately deserving of as adults.

Our children need to see us happy and fulfilled ourselves more than they need one more extra curricular activity. Make yourself a priority. Love yourself. Do not let anything stand in the way of your exercise or gym time. Make it sacred.

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