I’m a fairly normal eater-probably more healthy than most because I eat fruit, vegetable, and grains every day.  The normal proteins, chicken, fish, lamb, beef.  No pork, no processed meats though, no bacon , etc. few potatoes or rice no canned food (full of salt). Fast food once a week-maybe-never the biggie size.

EXCERCISE!!!  is shrinking me.  I work out on eliptical bike, treadmill; 20 minutes of cardio.  Then I go to the Total gym and work out for 15 minutes.  Then I just do a few free weights and 100 crunches.  I don’t sit all night watching TV-I tend to be active.

I’m not losing at a fast pace, but just doing that M, W, F. and sometimes Sunday, I’m losing inches.  I eat chocolate most everyday-either “a piece” or “a bar”.  That way I don’t feel deprived.  That’s it!  I’ve shrunk from a 1X to a large size now.  I just bought a XL T-shirt and it’s too big!  Yee ha.


Source: iReports