Male Weight Loss Transformations

Male Weight Loss Success Story: Don Sheds 55 Pounds With Healthy Eating And Exercise

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BEFORE MAKING CHANGES: I would probably start out with a salad with some kind of ranch dressing was my favorite and not just a little bit of ranch dressing, a lot of ranch dressing. And I could eat whether it’s a T-bone steak or rib eye steak and then have dessert with that and of course with the steak comes mashed potatoes with butter on it and the dessert and a couple alcoholic drinks and wine thrown in there. That’s a huge meal.

THE TURNING POINT: I had been kidding myself for years thinking okay, I run so I’m in good shape. I wasn’t running that well. I run with a great group of people and they were patient with me. But still I could tell that I wasn’t challenging them and that’s what I really wanted to do. I was forcing them to stop and that just bothered me a lot. I was getting too winded just carrying on the weight. I could tell that I wasn’t healthy. Plus I was approaching the magical 5-0 birthday and I said, “This is a good time to start.”

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THE PLAN: The main thing just tried to eat sensibly, just eat grilled chicken, grilled fish, very little carbs. I cut out the pastas and basically just cut down the portion size and increased my aerobic activity. The main thing was just the large portion sizes. You know, I used to go down for a meal and sit down and just eat until I’d walk away from the table feeling stuffed. And I got tired of that feeling. I cut way back on red meat and the pastas and other unhealthy carbohydrates and just tried to focus on smaller portions and more healthier choices.

THE BIGGEST REWARDS: So I started doing spinning class and started working out with a personal trainer and it worked for me. I loved it. I mean it’s very intoxicating and that was the most exciting part about it. Then what was even better was when the clothes started getting looser.

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WORDS OF WISDOM: The hardest part for me I’d found was not losing the weight, it was once you get to your goal because then you think you can coast and that’s also really dangerous. You can’t go back to old bad habits so you’ve got to keep working at it all the time. You know, just because if you start our running a mile and get to where you can run that comfortably then it’s not doing you any good, you’ve got to start doing something more. So it’s a constant battle, a constant struggle, but it’s well worth it.

KEYS TO MY SUCCESS: A personal trainer. A running group. Smaller portions.