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Men Weight Loss Success Story: Don Sheds 67 Pounds After Realizing He Needed To Make A Change

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TRIALS OF CHILDHOOD: I’ve been a big person all my life for as long as I can remember. I mean I can remember being made fun of for being fat at an early age probably 10, you know? I was the last to be picked for games because you couldn’t run as fast as the skinny kids. And then of course I’d cry. I’d be upset and my mom would pick me up from school and she’d be like, “Oh, you’re not fat, now let’s just to McDonald’s and we’ll talk about it.” And then, you know, that was pretty much my life, you know?

THE TURNING POINT: I had gone and splurged at a Chinese buffet by myself on a Friday and I had eaten so much, I had eaten myself sick. I just remembered going home and like falling asleep at my computer while I was trying to do work. And it just hit me. It just hit me I needed to make a change. All I could think of was all the cool stuff I would miss, you know, like hanging out with my wife and shows to go to and music to play. That was a really big awakening for me.

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A NEW VIEW OF FOOD: What I learned was just replacing foods was totally the key for me. I love bacon, you know, well, try turkey bacon. It’s leaner and it tastes just as good and it’s so much better for you. And so I just started restructuring my whole diet around just, you know, replacement you know? Instead of eating bagels, I eat light English muffins. Instead of eating eggs, I eat Egg Beaters and turkey-based meats – turkey bacon, turkey ham. And it just becomes a lifestyle change. I don’t even think about it anymore. I just eat the way I do.

GETTING A MOVE ON:  My energy started to increase right around the time I started to lose. I felt more awake during the day and I almost fell kind of fidgety. So I found myself going for walks every day. Walking became big. I’d just put my headphones on, and then I started to realize like certain songs I was listening to made me walk a little faster. Heavy metal music is the best music to exercise to because it’s so like aggressive and it really gets you kind of pumped up, you know?

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KEYS TO MY SUCCESS: Weight Watchers. Food scale. Measuring cups. Walking. Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVDs.