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Do you constantly tell yourself that it’s sooooo hard to lose weight

If you believe that you can change, that you can get healthy and fit, then you can!

However, if you hold negative thoughts and beliefs about whole foods then you will not gravitate towards them and allow them to feed your body life and nutrition.

It’s all in what you focus on and what you think, which in simple terms, are your beliefs. Whatever you think over and over again becomes a belief and if you think it’s too hard to change and lose weight and you repeat that often enough, you’ve now got a limiting belief that you must work out before you will be successful at the long term weight loss and maintenance.

Weight Loss Is Easy (If You Think So!)

In order to lose weight, there are changes you will need to make in your lifestyle, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. It will be difficult if your belief is that it’s hard – you will constantly be fighting against yourself, forcing yourself to change how you eat and exercise while underneath your thoughts are saying something else.

Do you constantly tell yourself that it’s sooooo hard to lose weight, that you just don’t know how you can ever get yourself together to do it? Do you tell yourself things like:

– It’s too hard to change
– I’m too old to change
– I’ve been eating like this too long, how can I change now?
– It’s all just tooooo hard, I’m too…..
– busy,
– fat,
– overwhelmed,
– scattered,
– stuck,
– defeated, etc., etc.

Well guess what? If you tell yourself these things, you’re exactly right!! Yep, it’s the truth; you’re right because you are speaking these words and of course you want to be right don’t you? Don’t most people want to be “right”?

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