Weight Loss Before and After: Cindy Lost 204 Pounds Followig Nutrisystem

Name: Cindy Gilbert

Age: 50


Previous Weight: 329

Current Weight: 125

Weight Lost: 204 pounds.

Cindy followed the Nutrisystem plan.

How I Lost It

I walk uphill. I walk 5 miles on the treadmill every day. I don’t go very fast — 3 miles per hour — but I amp it up by setting the incline to at least 5 degrees.

I eat two big salads every day. Whether I make lunch and dinner at home or eat out — or even if I have to pick up fast food — I always start my meal with a salad so I eat less of my entree.

I stay active — even on vacation. I plan trips that involve exercise. I research bike rentals and hiking trails before we go.


Source: Familycircle