Cured diabetes,IBS, lost 70 pounds in two months.

Diabetes and/or need to lose weight (sharing)
May 4

Two years ago today at 7:30 AM, the doctor said I had very bad diabetes of 385. At that moment I SNAPPED, walked out the door to change my life. In one month I cured the diabetes and my IBS as a bonus. In two months I lost over 70 pounds. On my own made up, healthy diet. I did not realize until later my diet is like 10 diets in one. Today my blood sure is about 85. I did gain close to 15 pounds back. BUT everything has still changed, my diet was not a “diet” it is now my way of life. Spring is here, I am walking about 5 miles a day again. The 15 will soon be gone. May 4, 2012. MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! (it will forever be with me.)

This is from a page I created the day I snapped. I used it as a diary for myself and maybe to help others.

Here is a link to my PIC


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