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Read her success story! Before and after fitness success motivation from women who hit their weight loss goals and got THAT BODY with training and meal prep. Learn their workout tips get inspiration! | TheWeighWeWere.comMy name is Natalie Brammer and I’m a 31 year old from Kansas. I started my journey to become a healthier person back in January 2012. Then I weighed 250lbs and since then I’ve lost 70lbs! When people ask me why did I decide to all of the sudden take charge of my health and life, I don’t know really what it was. I was one of those who said I’ll start tomorrow or next week living a healthier lifestyle. Well that all to famous saying kept being repeated over the last ten years without any action taking place. All I can say I was tired of being TIRED emotionally, physically, and mentally. My body constantly ached, I lived in a fog, and I would always avoid social situations because of judgements by others. So everyday I would look foward to the evening to where I could sit on the couch and devour a crap ton of food. I would make unhealthy meals and eat couple plates full each time and of course I always had to have something sweet. Cookies, candy, cake, ice cream, brownies, pie, you name it, are the dangers in my life! I would eat until I was uncomfortable, suffer reflux, and sometimes I would even had pressure in my head when I stood up. It seemed like I was in a food/sugar coma 24/7. I’ve been heavy my whole life and this is acutally my 2nd time around losing a bunch of weight. Back in 2001-2002 I lost 70lbs but I gained it all right back. When I lost the weight the first time, I basically starved myself. I did not exercise and I would only eat small amounts in the evenings. Now, I know what it takes to appropriately lose the weight and keep it off forever. One must EAT to lose weight and if your exercising you get to eat MORE!!!! This journey is still brand new to me and will be a life long process of continual growths and struggles to stay healthy and fit for my future family. Yes, I did say struggles. Struggles, I believe are there to help us become a stronger person and help us to keep pushing foward! If we get too comfortable we might slip back in to old habits. My struggle has been my binge eating has arose again. I’ve got it back under control again but it was so close to sabatoging my results that I almost let it take me over and I wanted to give up! But why would I do such thing and go back to being an unhealthy, comatose grouch who work so freaking hard to get where I am at today? I’m still learning what clean foods work well with my body and exercise to help keep me moving foward. I’ve even hit a plateau, which is normal! Working with a personal trainer has also been beneficial to my journey as well. Ali McClafferty, WBFF Pro, is a personal trainer in my area who offers online training. Online training keeps me more accountable of my actions instead of a face to face because I have to push myself. In turn has made me a stronger person emotionally and mentally! One may think hiring a personal trainer is a wasted but in acutality it isn’t. Your not going to train with them forever and plus who wouldn’t spend the extra money for guidance to become healthier than presciption medications possibly down the road because preventatives weren’t in place. I’m still working towards a goal of losing another 30-40lbs but also putting on some SERIOUS muscle! 🙂 The more muscle you have the more fat you burn baby! I have a long-term goal of possibly competing in a fitness competition someday as well as many short term goals. To be able to take my body to a whole new level from where it once was, well it’s kinda like artistry! Muscles are under the layers of fat, you just have to bring them out with an appropriate diet and workout regimine. I also love being a role model for others and inspiring them to want to take charge of their health. I know for a fact that several people in my local area have taken steps to become healthier because of my success. What a great feeling! Each and everyone of our bodies are different. We gain weight differently and we lose that weight differently and at different paces. That’s why I believe it’s up to one’s self to CREATE THEIR OWN SUCCESS! Sure role models are great but you don’t know what it took for them to get where they are at today. Do what works for your OWN body and health to become a success! “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken!”


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