Weight Loss Success Story: Chef Carolyn Lost 60 Pounds And Changed Her Mindset About Food

Hello, I’m Chef Carolyn!

My lifelong love of cooking brought me to start a personal chef service. Since I have long been passionate about great food, I have always enjoyedpreparing exceptional meals. Although I have an extensive repertoire of recipes, what I value most is preparing dishes that appeal to my clients’ personal tastes. It is my goal to bring families back to health, one bite at a time by providing them with good food that is nutritious and healthy and also taste great!

Although I spent over 20 years in the insurance industry, human resources, and administrative management, I am finally doing what I love most…cooking delicious healthy meals!

I specialize in cooking healthy and nutritious meals. Eating healthy is a lifestyle…years ago I weighed 185 pounds with a BMI of 31.8 and for my height I fell into the obese category. I now weigh a lean 125 pounds and I look and feel great! Once you commit to healthier lifestyle changes such as eating and exercising, your body will begin to change in positive ways.

Once you change your mindset about food, you life will change!

I was a speaker at the Personal Chefs Network Convention in Boston, MA, April 2003. (PCN is now merged with USPCA)

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