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Candice McCain loses 144 pounds

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Former weight: 327 pounds

Current weight: 183 pounds

Pounds lost: 144 pounds

Height: 5-foot-8

Age: 26

How long she’s kept it off: I started my weight-loss journey two years ago. I am still losing and have 22 pounds until I reach my goal.

Personal life: I live in Cumming about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta and I work in commercial transportation insurance, although I have my degree in interior design. [She and her husband, Travis, have been married for two and a half years.]

Turning point: Two years ago I was sitting on the sofa with my third plate of sausage balls. A few weeks earlier I had found out I had high blood pressure. I was only 24. Although I have been overweight most of my life, I guess I never thought it would affect my health — I needed to change. [She decided to join Weight Watchers.]

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Diet plan: I eat whatever I want, just not in the quantities that I used to. [She said a typical day begins with grits and applesauce. For lunch, a sandwich or a frozen low-calorie meal. Dinner is turkey tacos, chicken salad or turkey burgers.]

Exercise routine: I developed a love for spinning at the beginning of 2010. I love to participate in the classes offered at my gym [including] spin and weight toning classes. And I recently have taken up the elliptical and try to get in forty-five minutes of cardio most days a week.

Biggest challenge: The biggest challenge for me has been allowing myself to make mistakes. I had to realize that I am only human and there is no need to beat myself up if I overindulge.

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How life has changed: When I started this journey, I had over 150 pounds to lose. Weight Watchers helped me focus on the small goals, five pounds at a time — anyone can lose five pounds. Then five became 10, that became 15, 20, 25 and so on. … My husband is reaping the benefits of my weight loss as he has actually lost 60 pounds since I started just because of the changes I have made in what I keep in the house and how and what I prepare for dinner.”

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