Men Before And After Weight Loss: Bilal Lost 100 Pounds And Kept It Off For Good

Former weight: 265 pounds

Current weight: 165 pounds

Pounds lost: 100 pounds

Height: 5 feet, 10 inches

How long he’s kept it off: Nasir started in March 2003 and has maintained his weight for seven years.

Personal life: “I work for Bank of America as a risk operations analyst in Kennesaw,” Nasir said. “I have a big family here in Atlanta with my two brothers, two nieces, tons of cousins and a baby nephew on the way.” He lives in Lilburn.

Turning point: “I honestly just got tired of being fat and everything that came along with it,” he said. “I was fresh out of college and ready to be someone totally different.”

Diet plan: “I follow the Atkins low-carb nutritional approach when it comes to eating habits and dieting,” he said. A typical day includes scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and fruit for breakfast. Yogurt and a banana mid-morning followed by a tuna wrap with veggies for lunch. Mid-afternoon he has an apple, cheese and almonds. Dinner is baked chicken with vegetables.

Exercise routine: “When starting out with my diet plan seven years ago, I exercised an hour a day, at least three days a week. … As time went on and I got fit, I worked out more frequently and added strength training,” he said. “Currently, I work out every day alternating between cardio days and strength-training days. For cardio, I run on the treadmill or I’ll go to Stone Mountain Park and run outside. A typical run for me is about seven and a half miles or more, depending on if I’m preparing for a race.”

Biggest challenge: “After the first 50 pounds fell off, my weight loss stalled for almost a year,” he said. “I wanted to give up, but mentally I just couldn’t allow myself to sink backwards. I began cooking more for myself. By making my own food, I could control more of what went into my body.”

How life has changed: “I remember seven years ago having to hold my breath to bend down and tie my shoes, or being winded when climbing a flight of stairs,” he said. “I’ve discovered a love for running that I never knew I had. I ran the Peachtree Road Race last year in 45 minutes.”

Source: AJC