Men Before And After Weight Loss: Ben Drops 85 Pounds With The Help Of Weightlifting

Ben was sick of being made fun of. He began researching as much as possible. He went from 250 pounds, down to 165, and back up to 205 and is very close to setting the Canadian junior record for bench press! Find out how he did it!

Vital Stats

Name: Ben Thompson



Age: 16

Body Weight: 250 lbs

Body fat: 40%+

Waist: 46 inch

Chest: 40

Bench: 180 lbs

Deadlift: 205 lbs

Squat: I was so out of shape I couldn’t balance to perform a squat, I would fall over.

Before I started lifting seriously I dieted down to 165 pounds to prove to everyone I will never be fat again.


Age: 18

Body Weight: 205 lbs

Body fat: 15%

Waist: 34 inch

Chest: 43 inch

Bench: 360+

Squat: 410×4

Deadlift: 500

 Why I Decided To Change Your Body?

I was sick of being made fun of. My whole life people said I would always be fat. When I got skinny people said the only way I would ever gain weight is if I turned into the fat kid again. I was sick and tired of people saying this and wanted to prove them all wrong. I felt that the way I looked made people judge me without knowing me as a person.

It wasn’t so much changing my self to make others treat me different, but changing because I knew I could be a much better person. I would do anything to accomplish that. Nothing was going to stop me from accomplishing my goals – I would do it by myself.

I saw it as a journey to benefit not only myself, but also to improve my character, will power, determination, self discipline, and most importantly the satisfaction of doing something everybody said I could not.

What Got You Started?

After deciding that I MUST prove everybody wrong I decided to research as much as possible. I began asking for nutrition advice from whoever would tell me anything. I started off with walking, gradually progressing to a light jog, and eventually running. I would lift as often as I could at school and had very little knowledge about the sport.

As I progressed and gained more knowledge about my training I started lifting railroad ties and big rocks outside. Eventually people started to notice my gains and began helping me on my journey. I slowly built my own gym in my basement by gathering and making weights/equipment with help from my parents and dads friends.

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Throughout this journey I have never once given up my hard work ethic and always believed that I could improve my self.

When And How Long It Took You?

I started on June of 2005 at a body weight of 250 lbs. In march 2006 I was 165 lbs. I decided I wanted to gain strength and lean muscle and now in December of 2007 I am 205lbs, and more athletic than I was when I was 165 lbs. So far I have been on this journey for 2 and a half years and it feels like it has just begun.


Short Term:

* Stay as lean as I can and get as strong as possible.

* Set the Canadian record for Raw bench-press, sub junior men under 100 kilo’s

Long Term:

* Become an established strongman and power lifter, while maintaining a lean physique and looking and feeling the best I can.

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