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Becky Sigurnjak – Single, & Losing It

My “Aha” weight-loss moment happened the week of Valentine’s 2009. I was simply sitting at my desk & thought I needed to give myself the gift of love that year. I walked into Weight Watcher’s on February 14th & did just that!

I weighed in that day at 357 lbs, the highest I’d ever been since I began my struggle with weight at the age of 6. Although I battled the scale from an early age, it was thankfully never a bad one.

I was the bubbly girl who everyone liked, yet something was missing. That something I’ve discovered was me all along. I let food become my happy place. It was also there when I felt sad.

I ate my veggies and my cake too.

The funny thing is that I still do. The beauty of Weight Watcher’s is that you can live your life without a “diet” cloud hanging over your head. Once I made the connection that it’s okay even when I have a bad day, the pounds started to fall off.

It was about simple changes. Grabbing a piece of fruit vs candy bar. Tracking, measuring, & planning are just a few of the keys to my continued success.

Another is that dirty little word, exercise! Shhh…don’t tell, but I absolutely love it! I often have days in which I can’t believe I crave a good run & wonder where my body finds the energy to workout at lunch & then again after work.

I actually gave myself a 1/2 marathon finish for my 39th birthday. There’s Zumba, spinning, boot camps, & most recently ballroom dancing! I’m aiming for “Dancing with the ‘weight loss’ Stars!”

To date, I’ve lost 163.2 pounds. The number was closer to 180 this time last year. As with life, there are ups, downs, & pounds. It’s about how you deal with those speed bumps that matters most.

The old me would have let an 8 pound gain over the holidays turn around & walk away from those Weight Watcher doors. The new me embraces that at least it was just eight.

This past year has seen some amazing stops on my journey. I became a member of the Joy Fit Club on “The Today Show” and was in the Huffington Post. The publicity has been a highlight, but the most humbling & memorable moments have been people from all over the world reaching out because of my story.

I know that I’ll reach my goal, even if it takes me another solid year. But that seems to hail in comparison when it comes to being the voice of hope for someone in the same place I once was. The place where you’re afraid to take that first step.

Ironically, it’s all about that first step. You have to reach down deep & find the courage to take it. Then, you simply take it one day, one pound at a time.

I have a FB fan page if people would like to keep in touch, https://www.facebook.com/SingleandLosingIt I do try to personally reach out to anyone who writes. I just want others to know that my story is very real.

It’s about keeping it healthy on a daily basis. If I find a cool new low-cal snack, I share it. If I have a coffee date that looks at my extra skin a little funny, I share that too…:-)

I just want to keep reaching toward a healthy me & living life to the absolute fullest. I want people to know that you don’t have to let the fat sideline you. That it’s possible to discover a brand new you!

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