Becky Griggs lost 200 Pounds!

My name is Becky Griggs and I have lost 200 pounds – all through proper nutrition and exercise.

I joined a health club when I weighed 352 pounds – went once then didn’t go back for 6 months. At that time I was going to one of  the popular diet centers bi-weekly for weigh-ins and trying to follow their program. I had no success.

They gave me “protein” bars for inbetween meals, and as soon as I would leave the center – I had one in my mouth. I couldn’t figure out why I was reaching over the top of my healthy lunch to shove a “protein” bar in my mouth. It was a physical need/compulsion to have that bar.

One day I didn’t want to be controlled any longer & I put the bar down and read the ingredient label on the box. That 190 calorie “protein” bar was laden with sugar! It was right then that I decided to get healthy!

I gave up the whites – no sugar or flour, and started learning what it meant to really eat healthy.

I have in 2.5 years lost 200 pounds and gone from a size 28 to a 4! Just recently I entered the Prevention Magazine Picture of Health Contest and have been chosen as a finalist! It’s unbelievable!!

When (if) I win this contest I will be giving all the proceeds to The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. My son is a Marine stationed at 29 Palms in CA. This charity is dear to my heart for what they do to help our wounded heroes! Please visit their website at:

Please vote for BECKY GRIGGS and tell your friends!! If I win I have over an additional 5K that others will donate to Semper Fi Fund!

Becky Griggs

Source: iReports