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Before and After PCOS – My 70 Pound Weight Loss Journey

Archeology saved my life. I have always been a very active person and when I was younger I was very skinny, almost to skinny. Many people thought I was anorexic. I was six feet tall and all bones. I would eat so much but because of my high metabolism I would hardly gain a pain.I was use to that lifestyle when I married my husband in 2001. People say after you get married you gain weight. For me, that wasn’t an old wives tale. When I married my husband in 2001 I wore a size 18/20. I was a size 16 until I turned twenty- three. I became seriously ill a year later with complications due to my PCOS. My weight skyrocket and I found myself in a size 26. I was mortified!
I tried several diet plans but nothing seemed to work. The doctors told me I had gained weight due to the hormonal imbalances. If I wanted to be healthy I would need to lose the weight.
My husband and I moved to Kentucky from Texas in 2008. The following summer I decided to attend an archeological dig. I had been on three digs and a paleontological dig before my high school and college years. My plan was to attend the University of Kentucky Archeological Field Camp and continue my education to receive a second BA degree. I had went to school to get an archaeological degree at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas but ended up with a BA in Theatre Arts instead with a minor in Anthropology.
The first thing I realized on the dig was how out of shape I was in. Who was this woman? I use to hike all around the woods like there was no tomorrow. This tall, overweight woman has the energy of the skinny one but couldn’t express it without getting tired. I spent days under the hot sun doing manual labor. I only had water to drink and my meals consisted of sandwiches, chips, fruit and sometimes, a dessert, if I was lucky. I lived in a tent by myself. It was eat, sleep and work five days a week. On the weekends I would drive home from the site to visit my husband in Louisville. When I was home all I ever ate was salads and sandwiches. The month I had spent out in the field had changed my eating habits and me. I ended up dropping sixty pounds that summer. The drastic weight loss not only changed my diet but also improved my health.
It’s been five years since that summer but I continue to lose the weight. A few years ago, I had to change my diet once again. I had come down with a horrible stomach virus that eliminated the enzyme that breaks down leafy foods. This means I cannot digest lettuce, cabbage, etc. It’s horrible because I love salads. I’ve had to learn to work around that. It makes losing weight even harder because I was so use of just eating salads.
I recently lost ten more pounds. I have learned to eat smaller meals, exercise and continue to take care of myself. I still have a bad sweet tooth. I overcame that by learning how to moderate my intake of sweets. I don’t eliminate them from my diet. Don’t ever eliminate things that you crave or you will not stick to your diet. Just use them as a treat every now and them. I also drink a lot of lemon water. I now wear a size 22/24. My health has increased so much the doctors tell me that they can no longer diagnosis me with PCOS. All my Ovarian Cysts are gone and they have no explanation for it. Archeology saved my life.


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